Increasing Scarcity and Equitable Distribution: The Case for LUNC 2.0

Dear LUNC community,

I’ve been thinking about the potential benefits of creating a new digital currency, LUNC 2.0, with a fixed supply and transferring stakes from the original LUNC coin to the new currency.

I believe that creating LUNC 2.0 with a fixed supply could lead to increased scarcity and value, as well as a more equitable distribution of the currency. By transferring stakes from the original LUNC coin to the new currency, we could ensure that LUNC 2.0 is distributed fairly among the community based on their stake.

In addition, creating LUNC 2.0 could attract new users and investors who are interested in the concept of a fixed-supply currency. This could lead to increased adoption and potentially drive up the value of both LUNC coins.

Of course, creating a new blockchain and currency is a significant undertaking, and it would require a strong technical team, sufficient funding, and a supportive community of users and developers. However, I believe that the potential benefits are worth exploring further.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this proposal and whether you think it could be a viable option for the LUNC community. Let’s discuss and explore the possibilities together.

I m not an expertise as some people who are dedicated here keep that in mind !

So i was thinking out loud asking why not create a lunc 2.0 and transfer all the stakes from lunc to lunc 2.0 with a fixed supply

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Kwon did that already, mate.
Almost a year late


(veto) you can improve the core code using gpt chat, any attempts by the developers to take power over the community by implementing the suggestions presented creates chaos.
Without kyc, nothing will happen if you want to manage the lunc network, or being the CEO of lunc, you need kyc so that in case of harm to investors, the CEO is caught by the balls like Do Kwon.

yeah i know but then if i m not mistaken there was a vote and he went against the vote !
people said fix lunc and he went on luna !

i was wondering what can you lose if you do it now ? i m not expert as you but what will happen if you create a new coin lunc and transfer everything there ?
fixed supply, all the investors will have the same amount ,same utility same dev teams !

Doing it now has no point. Kwon had billions on stake.
We have nothing. We fork and still have nothing.

Had you mean those coins the goverment freezed ?

I know Lunc pool has few in it for devs team ! but if the procedure transfering the current utility into lunc 2.0 cause literaly you not changing the core as luna did ,wont be the same ?

All stake people gets the same lunc 2.0 fixed supply ,hype gets increased people will forget the previus lunc cause a lot of people even on reddit terra luna are flaming lunc ,wont that solve a part of the current problem we have ?

always when a change happens always theres a sligh back

Yeah this will be a big fat no, 2.0 has already been done.

No this chain has nothing.
See, governance voted Yes to a fork and moving off the assets to a new fork. This, what remains, is the ruins.

It does not matter where the money went, yet we know we have no access to it and no rights to it.

So making a fork would serve no use any longer or doesn’t even make sense from a logical perspective.

The Community is Luna Classic. Making a new community isn’t even remotely as is easy since all you did was abandon the Luna Classic for a new project.
The PR of it…My lord.

How to create a token on the luna classic network?

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Token in classic chain?
Why not.