Interview @CryptosR_Us George and Terra Founder

Hi, guys! I need help to make this interview happen!

George, from @CryptosR_Us it’s one of the biggest crypto YouTubers right now in the USA and everybody loves his videos! His audience’s massive, and he’s gathering around 10k-20k people live each day. He just said that he would love to do an interview with the Terra founder but someone should set it up. I need to contact the marketing team or terra founder if he it’s willing to go and speak about Terra. This will be massive for the terra ecosystem because in the USA most people are not aware of us. At minute 2.35 he is confirming that he would love to do the interview with Do Kwon! I will leave the link of the video and the photo.

Thank you!

Let’s make this happen, guys! This will be massive from Terra in terms of awareness