Is not decentralized

it is seen that this belongs to a person and not to the community. DK immediate dismissal


Decentralisation and centralisation marketing is for sell and buy for the highest bidders in the order book.


If DK’s fork proposal passes, we need to fork LUNA-D again to protect investors who bought luna after May 7th.
to fight the treacherous cheaters

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The project party is very arrogant and shameful, and the entire cryptocurrency circle is stinked by them. Ck is right, he know what they are doing.

Vote is fake.

Another report

I download that, you could look.


Decentralization is a meme.

Don’t invest in Korean projects again in the future, they are all liars

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voting should be held by an independent place, binance maybe.

Don’t bring race into this :-\

There are scammers of all races, genders, etc.

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Centralized, but without regulation?!