Is this leggit?

LunaticsToken :their site

Tired of Losing Money in Crypto?

Buy Lunaticstoken and Earn Rewards Non-Stop!

Rewards paid out so far over $600,000 in LUNC

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Website: ![]() Web link


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I was checking the website a few hours ago and looking at the audits, I don’t have any confidence. I also don’t know why it is in other blockchains and not in Lunc.


Well if I tell you this is legit, you will go and buy it and make los(ses. It’s legit alright (currently) but it has a habit of r{ug(ging.

Some influencers were part of an original team which made the token first on the BSC blockchain (NOT LUNC mind you) and now, they have made the token on the Ethereum blockchain (again, NOT LUNC).

Now, I dunno what exactly they are doing but the reviews sound like when you stake the token you get different kinds of tokens on either the BSC chain or the Ethereum chain.

But honestly, this has nothing to do with Terra Luna Classic, while they keep using the name and also keep marketing their products in the Terra Luna Classic community. Weir(d.

Last time, they were saying they were burning LUNC. When I checked the transactions and accounts, I saw they were staking it. So they were removing it from supply, but not burning it. In a way, they were misleading their followers. When I asked about it on Telegram, they did not reply to me.

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