Issues in lunc software

For the past several months I have been reporting a series of issues in Luna Classic.

Generally speaking I would not speak of these issues in public at any time for any reason. I don’t think that’s the right way to go about handling security policy.

Trouble is that on most chains, you can actually contact the team. This is not the case with this one.

Please note that I am intentionally being inspecific about the issues in public.

I have sent specific information about the issues to the layer one task force over the course of months and I haven’t received any reply, except of course denials of the issue that show a total lack of understanding of Cosmos blockchain software from Tobias.

I wanted to make the community aware of these issues so that the community can navigate away from these problems. Furthermore I have contacted Duncan and will contact binance later today.

Without going into specifics the issues that I have been attempting to report can cause chain halts, peer to peer problems, state corruption, and loss of funds.

Additionally, the issues are in fact quite solvable, and I have sent fixes.

To prepare for the possibility of an exploit of these issues, two validators are maintaining independent archives – @petes-fan-club and @NovaValidator. It is my understanding that @TerraRebels also have an archive node. In the event of an exploit, 33% of vote power should immediately go offline although in some cases that could potentially be too late.

I believe that this is the official response of the engineering lead of the layer one task force:

What I have not heard at any time is any commitment whatsoever to addressing these serious issues.

I firmly believe that the user community deserves to know what is going on as the user community pays for the layer one task force.

So that the community is aware, I am now sending the same information posted here to binance so that they are aware of the issues.