Kucoin Grid Trading - UST/USDC :UST/USDT

We all know that UST is resilient in the medium term due to LUNA being the buyer of last resort, but the last week has shown us that there isn’t enough liquidity on the exchanges to handle the volume leaving the system in very short time frames. Professional arbitragers are capital constrained, and many are risk averse. What could individual retail terrans do to aid in the arbitrage process?

What if we lobbied Kucoin to enable spot market grid trading for UST/USDT and UST/USDC? Grid trading allows the investor to set their price range, and profit from fluctuations within the range. Profiting from volatility and mean reversion. We all have faith that UST can restore peg so grid trading on UST is a great way for us to profit from our convictions in the ecosystem. And in the process we will be helping reduce the volatility of UST and make it so that LUNA needs to bear less of the burden. People could even set parameters tighter than the on-chain swap and make us hug even closer.The only issue is that Kucoin doesn’t have it enabled for these pairs. Does anyone have an ear at Kucoin to see if they can enable this for us?!?

Honestly not a huge fan of the kucoin grid bots.You would have to use the kucoin mobile app to even use these bots, and i dont like how it’s kinda a black box. But what would be even more helpful here is if we got margin support for UST, and someone bootstrapped the margin liquidity.

This would allow people to take out speculative positions on UST and provide market pressure towards that peg. Margin would greatly improve the effectiveness of this endeavor and provide a temporary buffer of liquidity .

I would agree that grid trading would solve some of this issue but you would in normal circumstances have to put in a LOT of money and a very narrow grid to make anything off of it. It’s a megawhale or leverage thing in normal circumstances?