Let's stay together with the original luna and implement the burning mechanism

This is honestly the best thing that could happen for this chain. Get Dkwonnect and his litigations away from v1 Luna. Let the community decide a ‘fitting’ new start and let the BURN commence! Just need a new leadership (dont think this will be hard as its a great L1 chain) i heard there are already devs and validators willing to stick with v1


Do your best to promote luna 2.0 as a badass, make new people not buy it, let 2.0 fail completely, luna will never disappear

Mate, I seriously doubt any organisation could come back from this. Its just too toxic now

Is that why the daily trading volume of LUNA has been breaking all records for several days already?)

I agree.

There needs to be a plan for UST and Luna coin on the old chain.

A deflationary mechanism can be applied. It would also make sense to find ways to move UST forward with a viable plan and keep it listed on the top exchanges.

Exchanges need a plan to keep it listed.

Powerful Community is all that matters. You can have the greatest product and devs but if everyone hates you and no one wants to buy your product then everything means nothing.

Bitcoin is what it is today because of its powerful community rallying for its adoption.

Totally agreed, and I know some big guys in crypto world are directly interested in original LUNA. After all who can ignore that much trading volume in the top 3?

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We need a leader and builders.

I’m rooting for this plan

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Maybe in terms of number of LUNA for obvious reasons, but in money terms its virtually nothing. For a brief moment there were lots of people who thought it was worth a punt but its fading away dramatically.