Low burn tax buy, high burn tax sell

hi all.

I think it should be psychological good to keep the burn tax low @ 0.2% when buying Lunc, but if someone want to sell there tokens, a burn tax at a rate of 1.5 could be used.

This should also discourage people also to sell there Lunc when the price goes higher and when they do sell, the burn ends up also higher, a win-win situatie.

Man, you keep promoting this idea despite getting negative feedback. You simply don’t understand how trading and financial market works. How would you put in place such a rule? 0.2% when buying, 1.2% when selling? Where would you put this parameter? How would you implement across exchanges? Come with a plan.

At least i have ideas to share and you dont have to break this down because you find this personally not a good one, better to support people that share ideas and try to understand what they mean, we all want the same results :wink:

I am not a developer, i am a entrepreneur.
If i have a idea, i share, if its not good, i did share!

If its a good one and would be implemented by someone it will help the community, then you wil not say its not a good idea!

I do like people sharing all ideas.

Why would it be a bad idea?

The tax is now 0.2% so there is no change.

By selling the tax could be higher so people wont sell that easy.

You find this a bad idea, i do not.

When there is actually a drop in zeros and the price is going up, people are willing to sell at 0,5

When it comes to that point a 0 could appear again and by fear others could also sell there Lunc.

At least this could prevent a high selling point by raising a higher tax when zero’s disappear.

This is pure psychological when the price would go up that people could act this way, and when this happens a price drop could be a result, the mass are followers, but when they are taxed more higher to the point Lunc is going closer to 1$ (for example) they could think twice.

When the price is going closer to 1$ or above and there is not a massive selling pressure, people will notice this and could return because of its stability.

It could help to keep the selling pressure lower and if they do sell, a higher volume will be burning.

I don’t say the selling tax should now be that high, i just share my thoughts, i think a progressive Tax could help, keep it cheap to buy, make it a little more expensive to sell.

How to do that, i dont know, i am no developer.

You find this maybe a bad idea, i see potential :blush:

I’m not a coder either but I’m trading for a while so I do have a bit of knowledge on how financial markets are working.

You simply don’t get it cannot be implemented.

I’m not gonna explain why can’t be implemented, market mechanism, price discovery on exchanges, etc. There is google, lately chatgpt, plenty of sources to study.

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