Luna 2

Are we wrong to trust Luna again? Our capital was destroyed once and we invested in Luna 2 with hope, and this is also being destroyed every day. Why does the Luna team not support us? Is Luna 2


I have invested in the table and with my capital it decreases every day

Obviously you are new one here.
After a long time fighting,you will be familiar with this situation.
That is normal for everyday,we all familiar with this for a long long time now.

Cuz trust and interest ~0. For any next version(s).

Don’t be paranoid. It’s another day of bloodbath for the entire cryptosphere.
I like to compare LUNA with WAVES …before I get paranoid

It’s safe to say you’re a fucking idiot sheep to buy a p0nzi 3.0


I wonder if most average investors really understand what they are buying into. Are you buying into a service? Perhaps, a tangible product? What about buying into hope (or false hope maybe)? Or are they simply buying into the get-rich-fast game?

You’ll have better luck with sweepstakes, I believe. When buying into Luna 2.0 you need to understand that you are now buying into a concept that has proven to be unsuccessful. The result was the complete opposite of what was desired to achieve.

I am holding both LUNC and Luna 2.0 (from the airdrop) currently but I have no hope for both. That explains why I did not sink a single cent into Luna 2.0. That’s as frank as I can be. Until I see DK or LFG be more forecoming with information. At the moment, there are just too many red flags.

You can lose alot of things in life, but TRUST is one thing you will find extremely hard to earn.