LUNA and UST New Direction - IDEAS

The last few posts here were one-sided. One side wants to save LUNA the other one wants to save UST. Both are right. UST should be saved, LUNA as well. The thing about LUNA is that its already build chain and ecosystem, ecosystem that can be used and it would be a waste to forgot about that. I’m not a blockchain expert so this post is for speculation only, even if these ideas are stupid lets voice them down. Maybe something will sprout out of them.

IDEA: Since both sides wants to save the project is it possible to separate them? UST would go in one direction the LUNA would go its own way?


I like ur idea,bro.
ust can transform to some sort of stable coin with collateral like usdc/usdt,
maybe traded at 0.7/0.8usd,and partly locked so that people can exit with slow pace
luna V2 can be a new token on Terra V2 with the amazing community and Dapps


Exacly :stuck_out_tongue:


I also support the idea of at least separating directions for some time.
A mixed algorithm could be made with a bond big enough to cover the UST losses.

  1. Bond enough $B in order to cover current losses inside of Terra Blockchain.
  2. Close the bridges to decrease arbitrages.
  3. Let a defined % be swapped inside terra to hold the market sell pressure.
  4. Peg UST back to 1:1
  5. Panic sellers run to sell UST, but the selling pressure is reduced to a certain % which greatens over time, and gets covered by the bond.
  6. Close new wallets from being created. Limit the swap operation by time (ex. once in 24hours)
  7. Terra arbitrageurs seek to buy
    Bond enough money, cover the UST and unlock some % of it for swaps at the time. This will stop the FUD and arbitrageurs could seek an opportunity to buy UST at a newly depegged price, meanwhile, the bond covers the losses and arbitrageurs’ greed.
  8. Market feels better, UST gets covered by the bond, and the trust slowly gets renovated.
  9. Time and amount limit the bridges.

So far this is all I could think of.

You can’t get the PEG without a $B bond. There is no hack for money, so let the institutional see you can handle the peg by localizing the stress.


That’s a bunch of good ideas. What do you think everyone?

The Terra team made a big mistake by not foreseeing such a scenario. I do not know how confident they were to not consider such possibilities. Perhaps they bet on the price of Luna not collapsing such rapidly in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile on your suggestion, I think they would most likely like they said, ‘reconstitute’ the mechanism bonding both UST and Luna together. I believe they have learned a bitter lesson, and would do a much better job this time around. That’s the good I see in this unfortunate situation. I like many others, have lost everything. In fact, my total saving is valued at zero. It was a huge shock to watch how rapidly such a great project implode. But how everyone is taken into consideration in coming changes is extremely crucial.