Luna Classic gone from LEAP wallet

The Leap wallet details show that my Luna classic is in the Classic chain. but recently only the Mainnet and Testnet remain. My Luna classic can be seen in the Terra finder but is not accessible. Please help.

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Use Terra wallet to access that.

Leap wallet is a Terra wallet. I just dont know what happens to the classic chain with my Luna classic in it. I’m trying to find assistance from the Leap wallet people.


i have the same problem i cannot see or access my lunc coins and i have the air dropped luna 2.0 coins but i cannot move them anywhere. anyone know whats up with leap?

I’m waiting for LEAP wallet people to reach out and provide a solution. But if they won’t, it was a 20-dollar test to see if they are still reliable despite the crash. I’m doing crypto on some other blockchain if they can’t put things right.

Mine was not a $20 test I had $1400 of lunc or the original Luna that is gone…

Any word from LEAP about how to access those LUNC?