LUNA Go Forward Proposal

On this proposal where do enter everyone that bought on the way down? I had 100 lunas, now with my DCA I’m over a million, I’m donw bad but I kept buying… so that means I would be restored only to my original form? I don’t think this is fair for everyone.

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10% new LUNA should be delegated for rewards which will be spent for ex LUNA to burn.

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I think this proposal is discriminating new Luna members. Luna Twitter followers has increased over 300k followers within days and this number is increasing. Please do not ignore them.

Your proposal will favor the attackers indirectly.

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I sold other cryptos at a loss to buy, so that would be fair.

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I was not in any long positions at the depeg but have traded LUNA for the past year. Most recently I bought (53.12) LUNA at an average price of 103.3CAD . I sold on April 29 100%.

Then I made the following purchases:
I bought all my LUNA on:
May 9 (167.86 LUNA) @ 60.00CAD, + a further (58.65) LUNA at 44.33CAD.
May 10 I bought (49.84) LUNA at 24.97CAD
May 11 (777) LUNA at 1.35CAD + (800.29) LUNA at .56CAD
May 12 (188560) LUNA at 0.01194CAD which I think is the last purchase before de-list.

How am I to be compensated for V2? This represents a total investment of over $14000.00 that turned into $42.00 CAD in less than 72 hours…you took my money…gave it to UST and then diluted my LUNA right down to less than a penny. Not impressed.

O still think this proposal could make Terra work again.

The most valuable thing Terra had and still has is TerraUSD. You can see this in Coingecko. If we fix that, everything else will get its value over again.

I think this is affected by all LUNA and UST holders, not only stakers and marginal traders. All LUNA or UST holders are family of TERRA ECOSYSTEM. So, I propose if there is a new token issued that has to be distributed to all Terra Ecosystem family as I mentioned above all holders.And also cut off time has to be taken from 9th May plus 7 working days because there are people who are in vacations and no access to news are also eligible.
I believe I consider all LUNA and UST holders and if you guys accept the above please like this.
Best regards,
Johnson Joseph

This seems like a good idea if the numbers work out. If there is still bitcoin in reserve use that to buy and burn luna, and collateralize UST back to peg. Not sure if the numbers work out. But if we want to salvage all the work that has been done this might be the best way

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I think ths is a nice idea. All these fomo’ed boys now pumping luna oportunistically, trying to get multiple x’s. Look, the ones who sustained the project, apart from the ones who bought during the fall trying to get the falling knife, where the one’s who didn’t sell. It is like it is, if everyone sold, certainly this would have gone to zero.

Let’s stop pretending that the solution is to burn the current supply, this is for the ones that in the past 24h have bought and now call themselves holders. The ones during the fall need to be rewarded.

I have been farming Luna UST in TerraSwap throughout the fall, and hope to get from the 40% distribution.

Anyone who put money in UST valued safety and got that. You’re not taking a risk if you’re promised stability. The ones who took a real risk on the project bought Luna - both before and during the crisis. These people should be prioritized. This talk about Luna holders not doing their job? Many of us suffered massive losses, still brought more money in to support and are still 99% down. UST is actually recovering faster.

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Take a look at this proposal Start the burn of LUNA with the circulating supply in the Exchanges

This is the most stupid solution, you throw everything away and start a new project from scratch, it’s very abominable! You ruined this project and started a new one. Damn!

start buy and burn of LUNA better than anything

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Sou in this way I buy 58.000usdt of Luna 11-05 I get 45.000 units and I get same compensation that a person who buy 37 trillion units after for 100 dolars x20 times mi units ? While I lost 58.000 dolars he will probably even win money. Only faire way to compensate is true money lost during all event Sou people who lost X money get X units no Mather if terra or Luna holder. And people who bought last minute 0.00001 invest a lot less money Sou get less compensation. People who buy Luna at 100 dolars still get reward for he’s big price pay equally to people who buy at 1 usd

Multiple valid points made with regards to moving forward from this crisis. @TerraBuilderAlliance

A few points to ponder:

  1. Suggest to have a linear vesting period(proposing 1 year) of the Luna being distributed to Luna/UST holders. - this is to eliminate any sell pressure upon the fork of the terra chain. - while I understand the fork was particularly aimed at retaining the community, the projects built on Luna and also the brand, a vesting period acts as a balancing mechanism where it the distribution to make Holders whole again, it also ensure that holders are committed to the forked Luna chain.

  2. While working on the fork, include key terra projects (Astro, mars protocol, etc) to jointly relaunch together to kickstart the momentum of the forked chain on day 1.

  3. Raise external funding from investors and the community in parallel to the launch of the fork chain, to further fund development of projects/use cases for Luna(with a built in mechanism that the Luna token gets a share of the upside of projects funded by this community redevelopment fund)

I spend entire life’s saving ($60K) - Because I love terra so much and it’s attractive valuation was great at $2.61 - of course if i was speculating - why wouldn’t i sell it when I doubled my money in just a few minutes. I was going to hodl it for long coz I also believed that Terra is an amazing project which simply can’t fail. But boy was i overconfident on the whole ecosystem.

Please don’t punish many individuals like me who bought LUNA trusting the system.

People talk about giving hodlers (who bought after the crash) the equivalent of new Luna amounting to what they originally spent and calling it fair!!! But how is that fair? If people originally invested $1000 and traded back and forth and now they are sitting on $10,000 worth of Luna, assuming they don’t cash out, are you saying they must only receive $1000 worth of new Luna??? Then what all this trading happening on the exchanges for?

The entire resetting the total supply to 1B does not make any sense. The crash DID happen and how can they undo it? It was their proposal to “mint” coins which was probably done in good faith bit did not work as expected.

If they went ahead with the resetting option without meeting satisfying EVERYONE who is holding Luna now they would be doing as much injustice to people who bought after the crash as they did to those who bought and lost before it. I am not saying they caused it but you see what I am saying.

루나코인을 마지막까지 보유한 사람에 대한 보상이 전혀 고려되어 있지 않습니다.
중단 이후에 구매한 사람들 역시 큰 피해자 입니다

Instead of depositing both ust and bluna in Anchor why can’t they guarantee return of 1 dollar equivalent for UST.
The locking period determines the fee in luna. The luna thus earned can be burned.
For example if someone wants to lock UST for

  • 1 week and is urgent to get out of the ecosystem, then he can pay 15% (i.e. he is promised to get back 85cents while 15cents he needs to pay txn fee in luna)
  • 2 weeks and so what is okay to wait can pay 10% fees
    I am just giving some numbers but the idea is to pull back all UST in open market into Anchor and at the same time create buying pressure on luna which can be later burned.
    Please consider this and let me know if this works or doesn’t work.
    This I posted here as well:
    Need not be Anchor. It could be a temporary dapp to suck all the ust in market. I don’t think anyone is looking for yield at this point of time. All are looking at the plan to re-peg without losing luna.
    Once all ust is back you can think of revival plans for decentralized money.

I’m interpreting this as “time of network halt UST balance”

Could this be divided 25%-50% as going to “small” anchor balances at time of depeg? Or 33% to small anchor balances predepeg, 33% to UST holders at predepeg snapshot and 33% to UST halt owners (This would be 13.33% to each pool)

For time of halt “rewards”, it is unclear why UST should get more than Luna holders to me. Those that swapped UST for Luna thought they were helping. Somewhat similarly predepeg UST/Luna balance could claim similar ownership of chain.

Some incorporation of @FatMan 's proposal for small anchor balances is worth inclusion, because retaining wallets benefits Terra ecosystem going forward.