Luna Recovery

Yes…it could be.

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I don’t see why we have to lose, we have bet on this investment, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.


if we have bought cheap and we can win, they do not have to take those coins from us


I bought 100 dollars a coin and I lost, that nobody returns it to me. I buy at 0.01 and I have to lose?


Binance order books are quite thin. Obviously those who bought LUNA for cheap didn’t put lot of money.

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Tell that to people who bought at 20% dip… The arrogance is staggering here.


I read people say that those who bought after the crash are “just speculators”, it’s funny, are they trying to make an absurd moral judgment? any investment you make in crypto is speculative and based on a hypothetical future profit, if you bought luna before the crash you are no different. when btc went down in mid 2021 a lot of people lost, some of them just sold in fear, but thanks to that others were able to buy dip and sell at the new ATH.


its a free market I’m sorry but you paid more.


My simple proposal is:

-Go back to snapshot status before depeg event.

-Discount all assets that left the ecosystem from owners addresses. They probably traded them already.

-Use those discounted funds to compensate people who swaped from depeg to stopped the minting. Revert their transactions too at adqusition price.

-Cexes should do their own policy because it’s negligence allowing trading when that happened.

-Once all of that is done, transform all assets to 50% newluna - 50% newust, lock them, and allow release very slowly

Is by far, the most fair solution I can think

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UST will re peg because of the people who buying the dip, just burn the excess luna! No need new coin!


Why… I hope they fork and airdrop it to everyone before this and all the speculators can keep the coin / network they bought cause they knew what they were getting into.

We can’t learn like “SHIB”, taking advantage of the high popularity of the whole community to push up the price together, our project team can use contract arbitrage to burn the amount of currency to buy at this time!


Forking will be the easiest way to kill everything. Sure you’re going to get airdrops but they won’t be worth anything and no one will ever trust them again.


speculate? I think that’s what this game of cryptocurrencies is about

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Not 40% of how much you own.40% out of 1 bil then you divide with number of holders.

Do we know the Luna total supply?

Yes, 6.5 trillion!!!

But the system was programmed to maintain a 1 billion supply, as you can read in Terra White Paper pag. 6:

<< The system burns a portion of the Luna it has earned during expansions until Luna supply has reached its 1 billion equilibrium issuance. >>.

What happened?

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they edited the code to loot money.

Can you call speculation people who bought it for several dollars after the incident without knowing about it ? Maybe those who bought at 0.000001 yes but I had no idea about the whole thing.

Lmao shutup

How long the supply had exceeded 1 billion Luna? How many people had read page 6 of the Terra whitepaper?