Luna Recovery

I really hope they won’t just cut off the people that bought after the problem.


Why not? You just speculated on a dying asset and expect compensation because you tried to make a quick buck?

I bet you are type to email Coinbase and complain because the btc you bought lost 1% today.


Should be fair with people who hold & bought before new mechanis implemented - extra LUNA minted more than 368M i think, these LUNA should not be counted.


speculators are the only ones that gave a small chance to help saved the peg. How was it supposed to recover? holders doubling down on their losses?


Nop. DO himself tweeted that they are fixing the issue and to hold the line further, they didn’t stop the coin either if it was dying as you claim. So Everyone who bought it later are as good investors as the ones before if not more as they also tried to support the system.


Yes. We have too much luna but this is regardingly working scheme. Please check white paper. Could be little early. And this is still luna. Just you paid too much money.

No tricks. Only free market and previous decisions made by votes of their owners.


I have 5727 ust now. 5727$.
Only 40% for me? Why?
Is it stablecoin? Or not?

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I’m glad I didn’t invest before the crash.Everyone, including Do kwon, can brag about the decentralized market here.

but even though everything is fair they are changing the rules of the game.The product you value was not popular in the free market, that’s all.I thought maybe you could find a way out by taking the right steps and I made a small investment that I couldn’t see.

I’m even sorry for that. I would not want to contribute in the slightest to this community and product.
In this case, the best I can do for my own benefit is still wishing they didn’t screw up. But I don’t have hope, and frankly, it’s not really necessary for me.

I thought they only had what they had. Everyone, including do kwon, finds it more convenient to rewrite the rules of the game. I hope the free market destroys you.

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i hope u all u money haha

Buy before the fall. now I have 1/10

LUNA 0.0005 on Binance!!! We can do this! UST is DONE, kill it! Next do a burning algo for LUNA! To the moon boys!


Luna recovering fast, all save Luna. Buy buy buy buy All save Luna


It is recovering fast but on what grounds? Is this a speculation money, the believers coming back or what? This does not sit well in my mind with the proposal being made there to restart and reimburse. UST is going up too.

It has always been speculation. You will never get your money back…so get back on the horse.


Everything is a speculation. Even Bitcoin and Ethereum. Any project can fail, even the USD. LUNA could have not been played as collateral because it is very new and does not generate enough economic activity nor being here for enough time for fintec to trust it. Plus, we still don’t know, what was its weakness, because I thought ?? it didn’t start from mistrusting LUNA…


Just as I have lost a lot of money with other cryptocurrencies. why couldn’t I win it now with this fall?

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You can. But this is a gamble. Unless you know the RIGHT answer to why it is going up now and then opening a LUNA long is a good idea. Not financial advise.

BTC Maxis opened shorts on us falling from 80$ to nil, but we know that both directions are possible.

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What do you think about this idea? Comment your opinion about this in the thread it will help a lot :stuck_out_tongue:


It is cheap and everyone wants a part. Like tesla and amzon do when they split stocks. Time to see the new reality and adjust. Yes people lost money while BETTING on Luna and UST (20% apy not like a bank). High risk abd they lost. Now new hands are in the game.


It could also be that they are buying back. Ofcourse they cannot announce this in public for obvious reasons.