Luna V2 starting value?

After 1B new coins, what will be the starting value of new Terra coin, 0.000005? Anyone? We still dont know where $1.5B in reserves went.

I had to create new topic here than asking in existing topic since I had to wait 4 hrs (ridiculous wait time and seems implemented on purpose).

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bro its about demand and offer… if noone will want to buy this coin then it will be value less… if people will see perspective and reason to invest then there will be some value.

So far this look very bad… all this because of a huge lack of communication.


Another worrying aspect is the huge number of people asking about ‘airdrops’ in the terra/luna subreddits. This means they will sell off their share immediately, so unless you want to invest more money into it… I don’t think the prospect looks very good, at least for months. But then, after 2 years the ‘unlocks’ begin. FYI, if you would like to know what an ‘unlock’ does to a token’s price, you can see $DVPN and $AKT.