Lunc Business Group


  1. Develop a group of professionals focused on the business side of the project.

  2. A secondary group focused on the project’s products and services. [Lunc fan studio]

  3. Motivation

The proposal is to create two groups within the Luna Classic project: one dedicated to the business side of the project, and the other focused on the development of products and services. The goal is to increase the visibility of Luna Classic as a brand, expand its use and reach, and create original physical and digital products that can(or not) be sold using Lunc as a means of payment.

Physical products can be sold through sites like Etsy, and profits can be allocated to feed the buy and burn mechanism (50-60%), compensate the group’s professionals and support development (30%), and fund other areas of the project (10-20%). Digital products can have a higher burn rate as they don’t require continuous production costs. The aim is to increase the value of Luna Classic and its usefulness for consumers


A proposal should encompasse an actual plan with details.

What it needs
What are the positives/negatives
What will be the function
Funding, if needed and so on.

This is an idea that leaves it open in air - who is going to do it? When? Why? How etc


I opened the topic to talk and develop the proposal. I myself volunteer to work part-time as a coordinator of one of the groups and/or 3D and 2D designer, I even accept to be paid based on the (after)results. I’m sure that in this community there must be a lot of talented people interested in working to see the collective success.

The bottom line is that a project cannot rely solely on programmers working on the code side.

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Do you have ready works?