Lunc value and funding increasing/Accelerate Burning/attract investment to ready for repeg(V2)<Signal>

You just put the same text into a table. It doesn’t address any of the points raised.

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Bigbro, I can’t estimate how much volume increase with this feature?

  1. If the volume hit to 1Billions the Cex can earn the fee 0.1%x1000M= 1M from this feature and 0.1% from investor trading buy Lunc in Cex. total 0.2% or the volume increase to 2b, 3b or more.
  2. Or Cex will request 0.5-1% fee for oepration cost. That they will earn 5-10m/1 billion usd on this feature and twice when we include the trading volume.
  3. I am sure this profit will much enough to support the cex operation cost.
  4. Or the Terra Chain should be invest this if we know how to pull the massive supply of lunc to reserve the same quantity from investors deposit.
  5. I think Validator also can invest this but they will get risk when Lunc go to the moon.

So you assume this will increase volume? I´m sorry but i ask again why would someone use this feature instead of binance convert with zero fees?

2op. will help investor has 2 ways earn profit when BTC or Lunc price up. Please back to read and understand my proposal again. The different point is swap can’t earn profit.

They can earn profit without 2op :man_shrugging: There is ZERO incentive for a trader to use your idea over binance convert. Why would they pay more fee´s for a coin that they probably don´t care about and just want to trade.

Thanks for not smart question. I have no problems if some like you don’t have a vision to understand the advantage of this proposal.

Ok. Big bro. I will back here for more details how much volume will be increase from where? And, this is the incentive for investor and BN. @Kryptobia @Seany22 @Tonu_Magi @reXx

@reXx @Tonu_Magi @Kryptobia @Seany22
The 2Op. feature will attract the BTC.'s investors to invest in Lunc. because of they will have a chance to get a huge profit when Lunc go to the moon.
Calculate on 15% of BTC trade volume choose invest to Lunc instead with 0.1% fee.
BN. will earn fee profit around $60M./month. and $180M/month if they charge 0.3%.

Yeah well BTC investors can still convert to lunc for free :joy: All your charts is just hopium, binance will never do something like this

I try to explain very easy and simply for you.
I think you can understand what the different.

Sorry still don´t see why binance would spend time and money to implement this. And why are you using BTC/USDT for volume? I doubt an BTC/LUNC pair would have even 1% of that, even less with higher fee :man_shrugging: Have a nice day

But, i amnot so sorry evenif the child primary school can understand. But, you not. Have a nice day too.