Lunc value and funding increasing/Accelerate Burning/attract investment to ready for repeg(V2)<Signal>

I have revised my proposal.
Introduction :
I saw many great idea to revive Lunc&USTC repeg model.
But, rarely idea fund finding and increase asset to prepare for back up repeg model which is starting soon.
This proposal is my vision to increase investment interest of Lunc to value-added, Transaction increase from new investors. These volume up lead to Lunc accelerate burning/ High asset funding with the avantages receiving all 3 parties. (Investors/Cex/Chain)

My Proposal: Create 1 feature in Cex.(Must be first focus at Binance), I call this feature is 2 Options earn profit(2Op). This feature will help investors who has Lunc in Binance’s Account have 2 choice to earn profit when either Lunc or BTC. price increase by spend 0.2% fee (0.1% sent to burn, 0.05% sent to community pool and 0.05% sent to Oracle pool). The principal of 2Op. will explain in deep detail next subject.

Carefully read and understand the chart above, It explain the reason of the advantages and work process details

1.Investors buy Lunc and store to his wallet in BN.
2.Investor spend 0.2% fee for inlet to 2Op. feature to get a chance to earn profit 2 ways and the investors who not join no need to spend.
When Investors inlet to 2Op. feature.
3. BN. move Lunc to sub-wallet in BN. and convert to BTC, in the same time BN. reserve the same amount of Lunc for back up. So, investors have 2 withdrawal options.
3.1 When BTC. price increase: Example: Investor join 2Op. amount 0.2BTC after Lunc converting at BTC.’s price around 29,000 USD. when the BTC. price increase higher than 29,000 USD. they can choose withdraw in the BTC. and earn the profit from price difference.(0.2BTC x (price difference)) and BN. will pull Lunc back.
3.2 When BTC. price down: They can choose withdraw in the Lunc. It’s mean Investors deposit and withdraw in Lunc. and BN. pull BTC. back.
3.3 When Lunc price increase than BTC. They choose withdraw the Lunc.
3.4 When both Lunc and BTC. price decrease, they need to hold it all.

As I mention above, BN. is the key person who will support this proposal to be real.
Binance is a great partner spend 50% fee of their own burn every month. This isn’t a good business model to BN and Lunc. I suggest community request BN. stop 50% fee their own burning and change to support us with 2Op. feature.(I am sure it will burn more than 100B/month)

Advantage: This is a reasonable chance to growth only of Lunc because it has a massive supply and USTC algorithm relation rule.
General View :

  1. Attract investment increase market cap from new investors because of the Lunc has 2 chance to earn profit when ETC. and Lune price up. Transaction increasing when
  2. The 0.1% burn from 2Op. will accelerate reduce the supply if 50% volume from current market cap join will burn 300B./month.
  3. The 0.1% fee from 2Op. will increase assets in communities pool 300B./month.(50% volume condition calculating)
  4. This model will be the master model for other coin to increase market cap of BTC. lead to encourage indirect effect increase market cap all of ALT coin

Investor View :

  1. There are 2 ways to earn profit when BTC. price up and Lunc price up.
  2. It very useful on this time, The currently market BTC. price still isn’t top high and Lunc price not move. Investors can earn the profit from BTC price up and buy back the Lunc.
  3. spend 0.2% to get a chance to earn 2 ways profit is reasonable and it’s fair to other investors who not join doesn’t spend any single fee.

Cex View :

  1. Cex and Binance has massive amount of Lunc’s supply in they wallet, If they join 2Op. It will effectively use the lunc in they account.
  2. During convert Lunc => Btc, there are 0.1% fee occur earn to Cex.(This %fee is depend on each Cex’s condition)

Chain View: Assets increase from 2Op.’s 0.05% fee sent directly to Community pool and 0.05% sent directly to Oracle pool.

  1. The asset enough support reward to validators will encourage the sufficient number of nodes.
  2. The massive of Lunc supply will change to asset to back up lead the USTC is the greatest confidence stable coin.
  3. Increase Staking ratio from Validator full reward payment.

The Rule: This idea propose to help to manage for bring back Lunc and Ustc to original algorithm relationship.

  1. It must close when we have asset enough to peg the USTC.
  2. It must close when the Lunc supply reducing until remain 800Bilion-1T. in circulating supply.

If this proposal pass, i leave to RedlineDrifter’s hand.

I believe he already told you that currently it’s not the time to pester CEX’s with more demands.


It’s mean you agree for this idea and worry about the right timing?

No, I mean the idea is that you simply swap to an asset that has the chance to more likely see price appreciation.

Binance has 1:1 reserves for LUNC assets held by users and probably some more besides that.
You need them to put their assets on line. You describe how all the work is on Binance and you don’t exactly include them in the get rich scheme.
Meanwhile, you fail to explain why Binance couldn’t just offer this service and keep all the proceeds?

The Chain is only leeching profits, while having no direct involvment. All the infra is left on Binance

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Here is my vision to how to make Lunc truly valuable.

The Lunc’s growth equation is: 1.Mega big burn & increase fund => 2.Repeg => 3.Development
I amn’t a guy who crazy the money, but please consider the equation above before Lunc become the true valuable.

Last year, 22nd.May Someone take Lunc 1.988T with 356Millions USD.
Many peoples believe, this investor is BN. and this is not wrong if they buy lunc in the dip.
If yes, he really. BN. would never refuse this offer and the price is increasing vary with the supply reducing. I estimate from the history if circulating supply reduce to 3T the price probably around 0.1USD or more. They asset will increase more 100Billions USD. and this isn’t wrong too if they take profit from the price increase.
This is the reason why BN. will not refuse this offer.

Well I mean, Binance has to do all the work and your plan only tells them to accept the existing fee structure they already have.

No incentive to create a new structure just so you could see burns that rely on users actually going for it en masse. Adoptability will take time and might never mature since it’s exchanging one volatile asset for another volatile asset and users can do it even right now themselves.

Only incentive would be a fee structure that is competitive, but that is also down to CEX’s and chains costs.

Yes, you have a vision, but the vision is limited. In its entirety - it revolves around Binance and Binance alone. Binance implements it and gives money to us. That’s the vision.


Thanks, Tonu for your comments.
Your oppinion this model can be happan but only Cex’s incentive condition must be negotiation.
Why start at BN. first,
1.BN. will weight between cancel monthly spent 50% fee thair own burn lunc and imprement 2Op. feature instead.
2. Yes, Cex should be invest this feature for the volume increasing and this feature are they asset can be apply to other coins.
3. The Cex has a massive of Lunc supply. It can use supply effectively without any single investment.
4. The price increase very with supply reducing, it mean they asset price increasing with investor’s absorb fee burn cost.

Yes, but you are ignoring the questions.
-Binance does not need our consent to offer a service of their own.
-This is literally begging Binance for subverted funding that Binance implements, maintains and funds, yet subverts income to us.
-There is no innovation in this. Usually folks buy something more stable that appreciates over time like gold, but btc is also a choice of many.
As in: You can do this right now on Binance with added steps and fees.
Your plan just streamlines it with a contract about a security they are not offering and bla bla. But that means they need to have reserves for your assets also, implement and market the system and then give portion of funds to the chain for sentimental reasons.

Why would they?


OK. Big Bro.
I understand your point.
I will clear this matter after i back to my home.

Big bro, you act like you are a Cex representative.
Could you answer me for the real reasons why BN. spent their own fee 50% burn lunc for support our community? Give me the sense reason.
Unbelievable, How innocent of you accept the the business model BN. spent their own fee for lunc.?
How we say to the world the lunc is a interesting coin should be investment while the model of operation is more like a charity than a business? This model can’t make the confidence to attract new investors.
Look back to the problems, Lunc go to dea.d spiral because of some group avalanche attack. Where is an innovation as your prefer to help? This issue come from management and it must solve by management. Like a train full of people during rush hour, someone ask innovation need to invest new high speed train and new station. even if this issue can easily solve by rearrange the train schedule.
This issues come from algorithms relationship has some vulnerability, we should focus on this and leave the innovation to L1 team to develop after bring back Lunc with USTC to they algorithms relationship.
Why would they not? I will say to you again, the Lunc that quantity of cex reserve it will value increase vary with supply reducing from fee cost burn absorb by investors. (Win <=> Win)

Why would binance agree to something like this? We are lucky if they implement redlines prop, but this they will never do. Why would somebody use this feature when they can convert on binance for free?


Raging and diverting does not aswer the questions


Big Bro, BN has a massive of Lunc supply.
This feature will raise up the price of Lunc.
and change they fund from 356Millions USD to 198Billions USD.
That, why they will not refuse this offer.
I see through to the middle core how to rebuilt Lunc to be the valuable coin.

The community can’t make things any clearer I’m afraid.

We are already asking cexs to support us.

We are already recieving help from Binance.

Responses from CEXs take time (we are not the only crypto).

If you bombard them with requests they will just start ignoring them and we might miss out on a truly golden opportunity.

Step back. Let parity, 0.5% and luncburnarmy monthly burns start. Let’s see where we are in 6 months.


Actually, I really don’t understand what a thing you are worry about.
All of you act like a Cex representative and think with decide instead them.
What a thing unclear on this proposal?
I am sure even you don’t really understand why BN spent their own fee burn for us? Probably they are waiting this offer, nobody know until we start to talking this project with Cex. How we join hand to make it happan and how community and Cex’s side to support. I think it is a simply and very easy.

Ok. Seany i will back with the detail more cleary. Thanks for your oppinion.

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If you want to take this route, then I suggest establishing a relationship with the CEX’s and submit a proposal to them. If you can complete this as step 1, then proceed to whatever you have lined up for step 2.

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Thanks reXx for your sharing.
Now, I want to hear the impact if this proposal raise up.
Seany and Tonu suggest to me the weak points of my proposal.
I will improve and back here again.
I am not the man who high ego, I learned from wrong thing and reasonable criticism.

@Tonu_Magi @Seany22
I think table below is very clear for Cex to weight should join hand for this project or some comment for negotiate.