Merge Terra Classic with Terra

Merge Terra Classic and Terra Blockchain and create One blockchain moving forward.

Terra community, sometimes in life decisions are made on a knee jerk reaction. What happened in May 2022 if proven was a well orchestrated attack by Alameda and SBF. Now that we know the truth we need to work on making the Terra Community one again.

It is apparent to me that a Community owned chain has created more problems than it has solved. Simply put there are ‘Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians’

When you have too many CEOs in a project, it is impossible to move forward in an efficient manner.

Ideas get lost in politics and infighting.

I have since May invested over £200k in LUNC hoping to DCA back to profit. But the truth is, I can’t see this happening with the current set up. We seem to be going backwards, rather than forwards. We have lost momentum and I can’t see a way forward without significant costs to the community.

It’s not just about costs though, it’s also about losing valuable time. Instead of focusing on innovation, we are focusing too much time on problem solving.


Have one leader - Do Kwon


TR, TCV, Validators @ek826 @Zaradar @Rex1


1: Merge the chains in to one.

2: LUNC, LUNA, USTC become the native currency of the blockchain

3: Create a new coin X - TFL will be issuers of this coin

The number of coins minted will be the equivalent of what the Market cap of LUNA & UST combined was pre Alameda attack.

Coins will be distributed on a 1:1 per actual funds they were holding at the time.

Coin X will be priced $1

For example if an Individual or Organisation was holding $100 in LUNA/UST pre Alameda attack then they will receive $100 of Coin X

This I believe is fair compensation for all the victims that were caught up in SBFs crazy world where we were all victims including Do Kwon and TFL

4: Coin X will become the 4th native Terra blockchain currency that can be used to transact for services on the blockchain

5: Decentralised networks need decentralised money…

Work on re-Peg solutions to make USTC whole again. It’s important that we work on creating a more robust mechanism to first repeg and then to maintain the peg.

Do Kwon, @Zaradar and community brainstorm to create solutions for USTC the current algo stable coin.

Collaboration is key to make USTC a success

Do Kwon had the right idea, now that we know there were outside forces intentionally attacking UST, it is only fair to allow DK to try and work on version 2.0 but with a team of innovators.

Hopefully with all the life lessons learnt from May to date, he is more humble and grounded and can finish what he started.

I believe life always gives us a second chance.

LUNA was his life, he named his daughter LUNA… I believe he was sincere in his actions, albeit a bit cocky and some sociopathic comments such as ‘Enjoying watching companies fail’ maybe that was just immaturity but hopefully he’s had time to self reflect and have some counselling… and come back as the Man in the Arena…

Karma hopefully taught him to remain humble.

DK is a flawed genius, he deserves another bite at the Cherry but with a team (The Terra Classic brains)

6: @wrapped_dday works on the Anchor protocol

7: @ek826 continues with the Terra Classic Grant proposals to bring projects on to the Merged blockchain

8: Continue current LUNC burns and explore external funding and DApps to burn LUNC to bring down to 10b

9: Figure out how Validation and staking of LUNA and LUNC will work for Governance purposes post merge…

10: We are all here to make money, to improve the world. We all have differences but we all have common goals and that is to make crypto a success. The world needs decentralised money…


Before Kwon is the organizer of the Luna’s killing in May.The place to Kwon in prison should be for life.
Stop this scammer to call back to Lunc.

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None of us knows for sure if Do Kwon was complicit in what happened, incompetent in how he handled it or if it was a targeted attack and there was nothing he could do.

What is known for sure is that Do Kwon abandoned the coin immediately and moved on to another venture. None of us can say why for sure as none of us can read his mind. But the simple fact is that he cut and ran right away and showed he didn’t give a damn about what is now LUNC.

You bring Do Kwon back in any manner and tons of people abandon this coin. Myself included.


We see this in real life… For example fathers who have unplanned pregnancies who walk away because they can’t understand or deal with having a child. They mature and realise that they weren’t ready for the responsibility and eventually figure out life and come back to become amazing fathers.

I agree he abandoned LUNC, but he also tried to save the projects that were on Terra by creating LUNA to give these projects a life like as Solana and Binance were pitching at these projects to move over to them.

I don’t think making a decision in 2 weeks was right… I don’t think anyone can think straight when something as big as this happens.

I lost a fair bit of money when Luna collapsed, I was angry but now that I see what Alameda did… I’m a bit more understanding because it was pre orchestrated.

We have to think about real life scenarios where sometime we don’t do the right thing, then we reflect and learn to improve ourselves to become better people…

Running a business is the same… sometimes as founders we get it wrong but doesn’t mean the intentions were wrong…

I believe DK with a board from the community will be able to create an awesome product


Block chain is bull shit, the core value is community not block chain , ask your self a second. if Lunc have no community you still write this proposal out?


The main problem is that you are trying to use on-chain governance to dictate what Do Kwon should do

That’s the same problem with many of the proposals here, they dictate specific people to do specific things

But, just maybe, Do Kwon already has plans for his life and his projects

We don’t need to “allow” him to work on Luna 2.0, because he and his team of maybe dozens of employees already are

And so are the separate dev teams who were working on protocol and feature launches before the depeg, vested and incentivized by a slow Luna 2.0 unlock

Generally speaking, if a governance proposal names a person, their participation should be agreed to ahead of time

We can’t just make up harebrained plans here and hope that people named will agree

Or else you may as well pen a proposal that Elon Musk takes over the chain, since that’s about as likely as telling Kwon what to do

Maybe he doesn’t know how to say please let me help Terra Classic, but he knows he’s like Marmite and ppl are still angry at him for abandoning the chain…

By naming him… I’m trying to open peoples minds to thinking about what a Merge will bring to the table…

If the Depeg was an orchestrated attack then we should all know that no organisation would have survived such an assault…

I remember Solana pitching for Terra projects at the time

FTX backed Solana, there were massive advantages for FTX if Terra collapsed

It was a dirty war and we were collateral damage…

It’s irrelevant if this proposal is put on Terra Station or not. It was important for me to say out loud what I believe would be a good solution for the community…

DK forked, it’s his responsibility to UnDo what he did in May… well the parts that he did Do…

And that was the Forking of the 2 chains, now that dust has settled it’s time to think with clear minds how to get the Terra project back on track now that Sam has been taken out by his own naivety


I agree and I favour Do Kwon leadership. Don’t worry about how exactly, just get him to take the lead to guide our new leadership team.


Interesting proposal. Merge would give advantage, the main question is why DK would want it happen?
Also according to your scenario, the new coin, i think it would complicate already messed up system. Also after issuing new coin, what is the role of current lunc or luna2?

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Because DK has unfinished business with the failed stable coin. USTC still belongs to the classic chain.

If it was taken down maliciously then everyone deserves a 2nd chance with the lessons learnt and better capital controls I’m sure there is a good case for an algo ‘stable coin’

2ndly the whole crypto community collapsed after Luna/UST attack…

The domino effect… it wasn’t just the UST/LUNC community that suffered the whole of crypto suffered

The coin would pick the market cap of the coin at collapse

Anyone who was invested in either Luna or UST would get $1 dollar of Rescue Coin for the $1 dollar they had in investment in the Terra ecosystem…

It’s like taking a snapshot and trying to erase the contagion that set in from that moment on.

How that rescue coin behaves who knows

Just like the world has apparently 180 currencies who can buy from Amazon or any global product the rescue coin can have some function.

Let’s say I own LUNC, LUNA and USTC and Rescue coin, the value of each of these coin might vary at different points in time.

So I might chose to use the coin that gives me the most benefit at the time I purchase a service on the Terra blockchain.

Maybe it’s not a fair way to do something but it’s something I believe could give the crypto industry the boost it needs…

If Alameda were responsible for a malicious attack then the crypto community needs to find solutions to revive the fallen Terra ecosystem.

When a natural disaster happens why do people set up disaster recovery funds…

This Rescue Coin is no different…

It’s a free coin - airdrop it might pump, it might d*mp… who knows how it will behave… but it’s an option… to consider



A dual blockchain has the potential to be groundbraking. I think two strains connected LUNC<>LUNA to create the first DNA blockchain.
Ethereum and Ethereum Classic could have done it
We can do it now.
I vote NO on merge but YES on working symbioticly.


This is a really bad idea! Keep Kwon away from LUNC!

Be careful what you wish for

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No with veto.

We don’t want LUNC under do Kwon leadership.

If TFL is assigned as devs and do Kwon a partner along with ED and others under decentralized governance then I will say YES.

if do kwon wanted both coins in one then he shouldn’t have separated them. Now it is over. It makes no sense to try to merge them again and re-distribute new coins. It would be a mess.

Who said anything about merging the coins.

Merging the chains… is what I’ve suggested

The world has many currencies to pay for goods

Maintaining 2 chains is very expensive…

Keep 3 coins

But have 1 chains


Thank you for this proposal ! Yes Do Kwon is innocent and if there is a fair trial it will show evidence in court ! Anyone who can count and understands even a little of the stock market knows this. TFL was attacked on the order of FED, SBF execution and not only I will not say who but I will give evidence in court if there is a fair trial and DK is safe… By the time you exchange your $ for digital assets controlled by artificial intelligence and your wallet on government order thanks to STARLING satellites… However, it will be impossible. Beware Mask= > Musk - Wake up and fight for FREEDOM. Yes Do Kwon is cocky but he is a genius and fusion and together we can win this war. Every day I fight these predatory beasts that feed on our fear, stop being afraid and fight ! Fight for your future and your children. Fusion is the only reasonable way out. Is that what He wants? Ask why he supports LUNC… For fun? After all, it’s a huge cost. He is a proud man but he is ready… I will support You in this proposal !

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Quotes from the evidence - We can’t afford to make such INCREASES AS LUNA !

2.0 death birth chain, still zero interest and trust. We have only one way for merge 2.0 → 1.0 (original). Stablekwon will be able to clear his name only with ust re-peg.

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