Motoko; an aggregated voting platform on Terra

Dear ecosystem experts,

With the expansion of financial tools and NFT communities on Terra,
governance for these protocols runs the risk of splintering user-attention across different webspaces, cluttering user experience and reducing participation.

To mitigate voter-apathy and streamline effective governance participation for the Terra community across the board, an aggregated voting platform will become essential in the near future.

To tackle this issue, our collective called GraviDAO is building the high-level architecture of Motoko: a suite of DAO tools with a stand-alone, aggregated voting platform at its core.
More on us down below.

Any project will be able to use Motoko as a stand-alone platform to manage governance for their collective using Terra Station wallets as input and external multi-sig wallets as their output. We also wish to support ‘dummy’ voting for ‘polls’ and/or affect on-chain changes to the code of said protocol.

By aggregating proposals on a central hub, our ecosystem’s end-user experience will greatly improve, therefore increasing participation, imbuing personal sense of contribution and optimizing governance effectiveness.

Because a voting platform, as an essential piece of infrastructure, is built in service of the community, we wish to include you as much as possible in its architecture design.

To this end, we’ve created a preliminary survey, which is aimed towards both larger-scale professional teams and smaller NFT teams
(we hope its light-beat language will not distract anyone on this board).

If you could find the time (approx. 7min.) to fill in this survey, we would appreciate it tremendously.

You can find the survey here.

We hope to start a conversation here, expand on what we have already designed, receive as much feedback as possible and make Motoko into something truly great.

Thank you!

On GraviDAO

GraviDAO is a builders’ guild centered around DAO facilitation on Terra.
Our collective formed under the Kairos banner during SpaceCamp and has since evolved to onboard additional talent. Our first product is Lunar Assistant, a discord bot for verifiable NFT ownership and dynamic role distribution currently being used by Galactic Punks, LunaBulls, TerraWhales and others.
We’re currently running in stealth, with the expectation of going public in November with our branding, landing page and Motoko whitepaper.
You can find our Github here
or join our private Discord client server to test Lunar Assistant here.