New Idea

I recently made my first tiny investment in LUNA, after this unique set of economical circumstances, namely a crash caused by exogenous institutions.

I think the vision of LUNA is first-in-class, and it has propelled decentralization in a first-in-class way.

I’ll keep this simple.

What LUNA dev teams and what Luna ecosystem needs is simple–a decentralized cell phone OS. The algo-stable currency entity will evolve and evolve and re-evolve over time–and ultimately will need a peg the larger LUNA economic landscape. What people from the Asian countries to the Middle East to the West need, is a massive tectonic shift in optionality from the centralized cell phone OS functions.

LUNA needs to find a way to create a completely decentralized operating system, on which a decentralized LUNA wallet can operate. The ecosystem can then thrive, and a stable currency can exist yet again.

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It sounds very interesting, but to attempt anything like this you would need funds, the main priority atm is to sort out the current mess, make changes to the code to counter any similar incidents and then only then when the ecosystem started healing can there be plans for new projects.

Uhm, responses are not really about my idea…do we have an army of bots we are dealing with?