NFT Project for partial funding of new AFT (Standalone Project)

Twitter: @CasualNFTs


The initial idea of LUNC Fury NFT project was to explore the NFT sector. Later this idea got transitioned into exploring the NFT sector as well as to raise funds as Seed Sale to work on the proposed article on Community Terra (CUST) as a standalone project. The initial proposal for CUST was based on the “Burn Tax” as source of funds. However, some of the community members who liked the idea were not “OK” with utilizing the burn tax and raised concerns due to Binance support on LUNC burn and reduction of total supply, while the majority remained silent on the sensitive topic. Creating new AFT as a standalone project requires funding for setting up the project, development, successful launch and sustaining in the market. This also requires revision to the initial proposal on CUST based on the funding source and other restrictions. A detailed whitepaper will be published later based on the successful completion of the “The LUNC FURY NFT” sales.

Upon successful completion of the NFT sales, developers are required to work on the DEX and AFT. This is an attempt to raise partial funding from NFT sales, while the rest are for NFT art.


NFT Price is decided based on 2 components, NFT art value (100K LUNC) and seed sale (150K LUNC).


For every 100 LUNC FURY NFTs purchased, 1 NFT will be given away to the community members (random selection) who support the project and promote in twitter resulting in increased sales. Maximum number of NFTs given away will be up to 100 and be distributed for unique account holders.

Why should you buy LUNC FURY NFT?

  • Art lovers who like to possess ownership to digital collection and provide support for new entrants into the NFT sector are encouraged to add this NFT to your collection.
  • Besides art collection, holders will get 0.5% discount on ICO sale (Refer Concept for Seed Sale, page 4) for each NFT they hold. (Not exceeding maximum of 50% discount value). i.e., If you hold 5 LUNC FURY NFTs, you are entitled for 2.5% (5 x 0.5%) discount. NFT holders who buy and hold 100+ NFTs to your collection will receive a maximum discount of 50%.
  • Perfect-Breed Minter: NFT Holder (at the time of ICO sale) with the following LUNC FURY traits will receive a flat discount**.
    • More details to be shared later as few more traits will be added before the launch

 Background : Dark
 Body : Black, Brown, Turquoise, Blue, Green, Midnight, White, Maroon, Purple, Gold
 Eyes : Eye01, Eye02 ……, Eye30
 Mouth : Closed
 Wings : Black, White, Midnight, Purple, Fusion (Purple), Gold
 Tail : Black, White, Midnight, Purple, Gold
 Nails : White, Black, Purple, Green, Gold


  • Highest of the discount % will apply for ICO sale, if the NFT holder has more than 50 NFTs
  • Perfect Breed Minter is a reward criterion and doesn’t guarantee to be top on rarity.
  • ** Perfect Breed Minter quest is limited only to the first 5 NFT mints as per criteria. Holders of these 5 NFTs alone are eligible for flat discount at the time of ICO sale, if there are more NFTs with different eyes / mouth open or closed.

In addition, there are few ideas where the NFT holders may be entitled for PERKS in the long run. More details to follow in the subsequent whitepaper to be published prior to ICO sale.

Community Terra’s (CUST proposal) primary source of funds was the burn tax. As the continous inflow of funds are required to control volatility, need to identify alternate approach for the standalone project to support the AFT. The next possible option for continous flow of funds is an exchange. As the focus is on decentralization, launching a DEX is a viable approach for constant flow of funds to control volatility and add adequate backup to generate AFT.

Fungible token to AFT swap will be auto disabled, if the total supply reach 10M or below.

AFTs core priniciple of working will be the same as outlined in CUST proposal with few modifications.

Quick snapshot on the operation model for Seed Sale. Upon successful NFT sales, detailed whitepaper will be published explaining the DEX & modified AFT working mechanism.

In Simple terms,

  1. Fungible Token Cap: 100M
  2. By minting AFT, fungible token supply be reduced and this is refilled by excess supply of LUNC, USTC. i.e. Holders of LUNC / USTC can do a 1 way swap to mint fungible tokens to come into circulation. Equivalent value of fungible tokens will be minted and LUNC, USTC will be directly sent to burn address. Minting of fungible tokens cannot exceed 100M and cannot fall below 10M supply.
  3. By minting fungible tokens, supply of LUNC & USTC gets reduced and the fungible tokens can be traded back to USTC / LUNC in DEX.
  4. Fungible & AFT will act as a 2 way swap once threshold limit is reached.
  5. AFT will be live once the sufficient threshold limit is reached
  6. AFT will follow the main operation as mentioned in my CUST proposal, with slight modifications in the removal of funds distributed to Community Pool, ORD as it is not required.

Thus all 4 coins will be interdependent on each other and work together in reducing excess supply by minting another. A detailed whitepaper will be published before the launch of ICO sale, with detailed information on the new fungible token & AFT.

Link for the previous proposal Community Terra (CUST)

Personal Note

Upon successful sales of 4K+ NFTs, I am willing to reveal my personal identity, qualification etc. with proper identity proof documents to Terra Grants Foundation / a committee formed by LUNC Classic Chain for validating projects and personal particulars. This will eliminate any possible doubts on possible ru-g pulls.

Twitter: @CasualNFTs

Are you launching this yourself? What exactly do you need from the community? Not very clear about that. Do you need money or advice?

One more thing is that if you could simplify the concept of the AFTs then it would be better and easier for everyone to understand.

What I have understood is that you are somehow controlling the supply and price of the NFTs. But I didn’t understand how exactly. Do you need a pool of LUNC and USTC to do that?

Finally, you are not ready to reveal your identity. That’s fine. But what experience do you have in the NFT space? Have you launched NFT projects before this or launched NFTs on Terra Classic?

Are you a coder? Cause coding NFTs on Classic is still slightly tricky. There are some launchpads but those will not allow you to make AFTs. You will need to code this yourself most probably.

NFT is launched by myself as an individual. There is a first time in everything and so is my NFT project. The requirement is for developers who are required post the successful sale of NFTs. Developers are required for working on DEX & AFT. Part of NFT sale will be used to fund the project for DEX & AFT creation. The purpose of sharing the NFT article in Agora is because of the creation of DEX & AFT (not for NFT sales).

In short, this is how the operation works.

  1. Launch DEX tokens for ICO sale. (NFT holders will get discount during ICO sale)
  2. Launch DEX
  3. Trading fees from DEX will be used to create backup for AFT and once sufficient backup is achieved, 1 way swap will be enabled from DEX tokens to AFT. 2 way swap takes time due to the requirement of backup funds.
  4. DEX tokens are hard-capped at 100M cap.
  5. Once DEX token supply reduce due to 1 way swap to new AFT, holders or LUNC / USTC holders can burn their tokens and generate equivalent amount of DEX tokens in their wallet. This will reduce the supply of LUNC / USTC.
  6. DEX tokens can be traded back to LUNC / USTC if you want to hold the tokens in LUNC / USTC
  7. 2 way swap between DEX tokens and AFT tokens are enabled once sufficient threshold is reached.
  8. Overall, it reduces coin supply of both LUNC & USTC while the DEX tokens max supply are capped. Swap to AFT will be auto disabled once DEX tokens reach a minimum supply of 10M.

Note: There will be no free mint by any user (including the creator) beyond the first 100M DEX coins. I am also working on the logic that the initial minting of 100M DEX coins are also backed up in contract with the funds obtained from NFT sale. therefore, there is no possibility of r-ug pull or centralized.

AFT Working Logic: Community terra (cust)

In short, funds transferred from DEX will be the source for continuous inflow of funds for volatility control and backing up the AFT. The funds are split and 2/3 of funds go to volatile control while 1/3 of funds will go for creation of AFT. When users perform a swap, it will be done based on the funds availability in the 1/3 of funds.

You may want to go through the working logic part ( after AFT Pool — 60% section) in the above link as it has the complete details on the working mechanism.

Lastly, I am willing to disclose my identity (with proper proof of identity, qualification et al) to TGF / committee appointed in LUNC chain for validating projects after the successful sale of NFTs. I would like to remain anonymous until sufficient funding is raised. But to rule out any doubts of being r-ug pull, I am open to come out of it.

Thank you for taking time and getting back with the questions. Will be happy to answer any other questions that you have. My only request is that if you could read the CUST article complete, it will help your understanding on the AFT working model. And it doesn’t have any strings / personal benefits attached to it. I will make every effort possible to launch the AFT as I believe it to be a solution for a truly decentralized coin. My hurdles are the lack of coding knowledge and sufficient funding which is what I am looking for. Looking for developers to address the coding knowledge gap and launching the NFT with partial sale going to fund the DEX & AFT project. Hope this answers your questions.

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@johny maybe something you would be interested to comment on?

With your money, you can do any projects.

Yes, with my money i can do any projects of my interest. In this forum, I am looking for Dev’s who can work on it.

This isn’t a governance proposal and should be in either the dApps or Technical Development forums.


Yeah, i will take this feedback. May be I posted in a wrong section. Let me know if there is an option to delete this from this group. Will delete and repost in appropriate section, if it can be done.

Why this is on proposals?
This seems to be more like an advertisement.
I think not the right place to be.

I am sorry, my intention is not to advertise. I am looking for developers for DEX. Chose the wrong category as proposal. I am not able to change the category to dapp or delete the article either. That’s why have not made any subsequent posts on this topic. Please excuse this time. Will be careful to post in relevant category and only on technical details