Not getting any staking rewards

Is anyone here not able to get any staking rewards recently? I’m not sure what was the issue, but it must have happened around the time of the upgrade. I get less than 0.1 USTC/day now, which is orders of magnitude lower than what it was a few weeks ago. Was that due to staking being re-enabled or is it something on my side that is causing the issue?

What validator do you use? Do you get more than 1 UST/day? If so, perhaps I can try to re-delegate to that validator.

it’s probably due to the fact that staking was enabled, so everybody staked their millions of lunc and your rewards are now way less as they are shared proportionally. if your validator is in the active set, not jаiled and doesn’t have commission 100% - you should be all set. i stake with PFC - OSS FTW, for instance, it works fine.

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Thanks for clarifying, that is what I suspected but I wasn’t sure. I will try that validator.

Can you further clarify: If I stake 100,000 LUNC, then what is my expected daily reward?

that’s hard to say as more and more people are staking, i didn’t see any accurate apr displayed anywhere yet.
calculating manually i got ~60% staking apr a few days ago.