Only ONE option now. BUY or DIE

If the leaders and those with a vested interest don’t make a concerted effort to change the momentum and force short covering and buy orders from the bots buy getting into the market now; it will be toast!
This could turn around and run up, just as massively and it ran down. There is not time for a fork or governance change or some of the other method of restructuring. That’s for a later discussion.
I’m buying and it may be a waste of money, but it’s the only course that makes sense. So tweet and post and turn the momentum to the buy side of this.


Not everyone can buy! My 10 K worth luna is now 1.68$

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IF you bought 50 bucks worth now your avg would be pennies. I know it sucks, but there really isn’t another way out of this…


I was totally destroyed… 1832 usd is now worth less than 20 usd.

moving off bottom on Coinbase

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Well people like myself have come to the rescue JUST DONT SELL! HOLD PEOPLE ARE BUYING


Trending up now!!!

Hi folks,

Indeed, the only solution is buy. But we need to do that in an organized approach to have a chance.

Currently, there is a double dePEG issue. The UST with the $, and the Luna supply with the UST supply. To have a chance to restore the UST PEG with the $, we need first to restore the Luna supply PEG with the UST supply.

Remember the fundamental design of the protocol, 1 UST = 1 Luna. So, currently there is an asymmetry. It’s a flaw in the model. We have to restore the balance between the UST price and the Luna price. Once the balance done, it will be possible to solve the UST PEG with $ smoothly.

It will be difficult so long the protocol mints new tokens, but it could be done if we organise this ‘restore balance’ attack jointly between UST holders and Luna holders. All other methods will fail without redesigning the protocol.


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