Oracle Feeder SHA256 upgrade

Oracle Feeder SHA256 upgrade


This proposal seeks approval to ask validators to patch their respective oracle feeder installations with the official v2.0.4 release.


The current proposal consists of a single amendment that seeks approval for asking validators to patch their oracle feeder installation.

Amendment 1/1

Approve the release of v2.0.4 into mainnet.

Acceptance Criteria

v2.0.4 is deployed to mainnet.


To summarize with this patch we seek to align with the upstream feature.js SDK related changes from TFL, add in a few quality-of-life updates to our docker tooling and patch ad-hoc security issue in our network. This upgrade need has been communicated to validators for some time now however due to their inability to act on the matter we feel its time to seek public approval from the governance layer so we can entice them to update to v2.0.4 .

Consequnce of a YES vote

If the vote results in a YES, we will work towards the succesful release of v2.0.0 into mainnet.

Consequnce of a NO vote

If the vote results in a NO, we will be leave the AS-IS oracle feeders in place until such a time that the validators decide to patch themselves.


A no nonsense YES to a vital upgrade.


I can understand your trying to save the situation by posting this now while this should have been completed within the 3 months allotted to the L1 Task Force.

There is no question about the fact that this is a yes, I am waiting for you guys to complete this as promised to us.

This also cannot be considered as complete since a vote means at least 7 more days, so no, this is also not done according to the timeline.


I can understand your trying to save the situation by posting this now while this should have been completed within the 3 months allotted to the L1 Task Force.

This is incorrect, and there is certainly no situation I am attempting to save. This was completed within the first three months as described. The software release is available, this is just to get the community’s approval to implement it.


Finally!! Yes!

Deliver this as promised and then come up with a new plan for next 3 months. Not Q2 but 3 (or 6) months. Consider the fact that L1TF wages could be a bit lower. I’m sure that you will be compensated for that in future.


I think this is a sensible idea.

Can we get a proposal up for voting? And implementing as soon as possible. Or why are we waiting? Crypto markets are already in a new bull cycle and if parity is not achived before next big run this Lunc will be as good as de*ad.

@LuncBurnArmy considering you guys are a bit behind with that you could be more active on this one. Trust can be restored only with delivering what was promised. If you can’t do it please say so. No shame in that.


Hi – This is going to be up for vote shortly! It should be noted that all of the Q1 items have been delivered. This just needs a vote to implement.

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No they haven’t, not even close.

It’s be nice if you could stop lying to community, Steve.


“Lying” and “not meeting deadlines” are two completely different things


Hi @LuncBurnArmy ,

Just to let you know, I am not sure that the L1 team saw this post from terra-money’s github on the oracle, and may have developed without testing that portion (ie. the oracle price-server past v2.0.3 is intended for Terra v2 purposes, and does not work with Terra v1 - in other words, there are a few validators, including two recently, who have attempted to use the underlying code after v2.0.3 and it did not work with the settings in the …/price-server/config/default-sample.js).

The second thing is that there appears to be only one source for SDR. The other two sources for fiat for some reason filter SDR out (they probably do not give SDR back). Since that is the one coin that is used internally to value pretty much everything, it may be good to have them check, and provide more sources for SDR.

It may require more testing around this portion of the oracle price-server (I think the testing may have more focused on the SHA256 and Docker portion of the code). I could also be wrong, and maybe it does work, but I am a little cautious given the …/price-server/config/default-sample.js . And, I only mention that to be constructive.

I have not done more than a very quick look through of the code from Nov 22, 2022 - Mar 15, 2023, which then is tagged as v2.0.4. The two items that caught my eye, which I mentioned above were the rework of the oracle for Terra v2 specific code, and the SDR source. Nothing caught my eye, but my brief glance was definitely not a code review. I am wondering if you can have the developers confirm (or if needed to do some further testing) on the the first portion of the code, to make sure it works for that case, and to maybe research the SDR portion for further sources?

Just wanted to pass that along if helpful.

I hope you have a great day today :slight_smile:


Update? It is mid April…

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I can see the priority of developers in the community currently.

No, he flat-out lied. About 65% of the Q1 roadmap has been completed, but Steve lied on multiple AMAs/spaces about the team having finished all of it. He also lied about it here, on Agora (I could find the thread and specific reply, but I honestly can’t be arsed, not like it’ll change anything).

If that wasn’t enough, he lied about his salary, what he does on the team, and his overall usefulness.

And he also lied about Superman (MIA), and is most probably lying about his return as well.

There’s probably more I’m not remembering at the moment… we have an entire folder on him, lol.

The guy’s a liar, end of debate. :man_shrugging:

So @LuncBurnArmy, when’s Superman coming back? :joy: :joy: :joy:

You guys got the L1 contract pretty much exclusively due to him being on the team.

So where is he? :upside_down_face:


Did they ?!?

Yes they did. Steve promised Superman as a core part of the team, and we see now it was a lie all along.

Go bother someone else with your pointless pedantry @wagnerdalcin.

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You always putting to much emphasis on specific words to keep your personal show from fading….

I’m not the one who took $125,000 while lying about team composition and Superman’s availability.

Try harder. Your “arguments” are pathetic.