Pay With Terra - API gateway for accepting payments

:wave: Hi all!

I’m glad to present a “Pay With Terra” - simple API-utility you can use for accepting payments with Terra stablecoins on your ecommerce website.

With this tool you can easily setup this payments like any another payment gateway without needing for watching blockchain directly.

I don’t know if there is need a more description :slight_smile:

Here is live Demo shop for testing:
Website and API docs:
14 days free trial with coupon: TERRAPOWER


Hey guys, this is awesome.

Would love to discuss how the Terraform Labs team can support you guys - feel free to shoot me a note at [email protected]

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Is it possible to advertise who Pay With Terra partners are? I think it could provide both platforms revenue streams (for staking rewards?) and provide some more clarity on commercial adoption of the ecosystem for tokenholders.