Peg multiple usd bridged stablecoins, Trueusd, Dai, usdT etc

Creating value through a magnitude of usd representors from known usd stable coins

Known stable coins have accurate oracles through wider adoption in more communities
Depeg is a natural occurrence in large transactions and a good chance for bots with pools to grab the arb
Liquidity providers benefit as well from wormhole to different tokens

aUST is not Terra
A fund for all bridged stable coins will be a very useful pool for flash loan bots that maintain the peg of every stable usd coin always with a profit arb thus adding compounding value to the fund (white whale)
Lend and borrow function can be maintained
Final profit for depositors will be what it is without the need of external centralized support

A thought to be continued do just like the Orion money validator, I asked your community if you want them to vote yes on proposal 3568 to burn luna. What do you have to lose, you already have luna v2 let us try to save luna v1 everything we ask for. Terra Station