Penny Stocks - OTC Market - Mirror Protocol

Would there be any way to add penny stock mAssets on Mirror?

Penny stocks tend to have smaller market caps (under $10M) in comparison to traditional stocks and have a lot more volatility as well.

Most of them are only available thru certain brokers and it’s a hassle to signup.

Not sure how small market cap stocks with volatility on Mirror would function, but I believe they would appeal to a good % of people and create some nice volumne.

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Cool idea!!

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And maybe also stocks that trade on AIM ( UK) lots of mining stocks on this big market with very little support from North Americans as access is complicated

It would be pretty inadvisable to add illiquid stocks on Mirror.

Stocks that are thinly traded are vulnerable to oracle attacks that exploit the unlimited minting mechanism.

Anything that trades on Mirror must be less liquid than the exchanges the oracle service is receiving it’s price data from for this reason.


Did you just watch Wolf of Wall street? Anyway, let me know when the parties are happening :wink: cheers.