Please help

HELLO, everyone!
I swap my tokens only in my wallet, so when I saw Bitcoin going lower, I decided to swap bitcoin to ust. After a few minutes I noticed that I don’t have enough USD in my UST and started worrying! I didn’t know what to do, but it was about 0.9 per UST for that time. So I decided to move my UST to Huobi so I can swap it to another stable coin if something goes wrong. And it started to go down! 0.8 then 0.7 and then 0.1… :sob: I was very scared to lose all of my savings when it started to go absolutely crazy. But I decided to wait and believed it can go back. I wanted to sell but I decided to wait so what now? I know I swapped my Bitcoin to UST when it was a bit under 1 dollar but I thought it happens to stable coins and it’s OK. It wasn’t crazy at that time and I didn’t think it would ever be. What do I do now? This was actually all of my money savings and I need your help and compensation.

Hi. Unfortunately, I’m afraid you won’t get that money back.

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Keep up to date with the latest terra announcements. There are several proposals to restart the Terra ecosystem. In the latest proposal from Do Kwon he mentions plans to give certain type of compensation to UST holders. We have to wait and see what happens.