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It is always best to use software that hasn’t been deprecated. Tests make software safer.


My word

For some reason dude really really wants to use a deprecated version of the go programming language.

The guidance from the cosmos SDK maintenance team is to move to 1.19 or 1.20 at the next state breaking change.

That is simply their guidance.



I have downgraded go at the explicit request of Tobias Andersen.

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I am just inquisitive. You are obviously not part of the L1 team. Or are you?

Also, why did you downgrade the version of go? This could create security issues, which could lead to exploits of the system. What’s the issue currently with upgrading go? I can see that Z said not to do it, but why aren’t they fixing the breaking changes?

What would be the best way to support your work on Terra Classic?

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I didn’t comment on this before but I can see what you have done here.

We needed a check like this for the chain. In fact, you should have been on the L1 team. For whatever reason, you are an independent developer.

I know you from TR’s repo cause obviously you are the contributor with the highest number of commits. You are also a contributor on Cosmos.

I dunno who you are, but I thank you for your work till now and I hope that you continue to develop for LUNC.

You do all this for free.

Meanwhile that clown Tobias is getting $13,000/month to write a wiki. :joy: :joy: :joy:

This community doesn’t know its face from its asshole.

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