Pre-attack aUST holders: Change reference date

This is a good change, but a different “preattack date” should be chosen, and UST bound in LPs should be included.

May 11th at 3am GST was the point that UST fell below 50c/$ market cap for the first time. Anchor deposits were 1/3 to 1/2 May 8th levels at that time. Everyone who withdrew from Anchor between the 2 dates had the opportunity to cash out at much better levels than revival plan compensation, and can possibly be partially blamed for death spiral pressure. Many would unfairlly double dip on rewards + previous cash out as a result of this plan not choosing May 11th as the “UST doom point”

Providing on chain liquidity was also an act of support for Luna/UST. 10% to this smaller total base would be 2x the reward/airdrop value. At $5B market cap, worth about 10c/affected UST


Big offtopic, but can you suggest - how to post proposals there?

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I am for this. Makes sense when the compensation funds are very limited. Definitely loads of volume that was cashed out in upper price levels should be filtered out.
There will always be people who withdrew and didnt sell but this should be handled in any case by exchange snapshots or whatever is reasonable not to compensate twice.


Not only cashed out and did well, but pressured UST value down as well, and then double dipping now on airdrop/fork.

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What is the total pre attack aUST supply? Can you link the source?

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