Proposal: Add the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) PKTerra πŸš€

Tap the market of 216.6 million with only 12% banked. ADD PKT


PKTerra an intimate need for Pakistani people as the banks does not full fill the Pakistani national needs for the international transactions of common account holders, investment in the assets specially in the crypto. As the Market is so huge but the opportunity to invest is low.

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This would work much better if there was a pathway to swap fiat to PKT … any ideas how?

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Hey @dokwon, appreciate the response. There is currently no direct way to buy any cryptos in Pakistan. While not illegal, the country has no regulations for cryptocurrencies. We are building Paisa App that will use the Mirror protocol to democratize investments. A trustworthy, decentralized, low-cost, stable coin like PKTerra will be ideal for adoption. Only 12% of the population has a bank, while 50% have smartphones connected to the internet, and e-commerce is booming. Paisa App will be Chai + Robinhood for Pakistan and a potential pathway for this swap.


PKTerra is a perfect choice for placement that is a pressing need for Pakistanis, as banks are unable to meet the country’s needs for foreign transactions of common account holders, as well as investment in properties, especially in cryptocurrency. Since the market is so vast, the ability to invest is limited.


it will open the doors for crypto traders in Pakistan as there is no direct way to purchase crypto assets currently, thousands of traders are using non-reliable ways to purchase crypto assests from FIAT…

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adding pkr in the terra ecosystem would be good for users in Pakistan.


PKTerra will contribute as a progressive solution for the people of Pakistan who are looking to invest.

Where did we end up on this topic? PKT!

when this proposal goes live, the NOK stablecoin should be included again as well, see here: NOK Stablecoin - #2 by Jared

@Silvermind - you may have to do a seperate proposal since it has already been proposed.

@paisa It would be interesting to add multiple currencies as a stable in the terra ecosystem. It would help on-ramp a more international community and user base.

What is the lift from the core team? The choice to peg on USD is due to the stability - if you peg on a more volatile currency is it more difficult to maintain the ideal ratio of 1:1.

Would this mean more burning of LUNA to allow for new stable currencies?