[Proposal] Burn 1,847,079,725 UST of LFG wallet before doing LUNA 2 airdrop snapshot or LFG is cheating

They deleted my previous post about this suggestion. They are intentionally cheating to get the LUNA 2 airdrop.
If LFG wallet is not removed from the airdrop list, LFG will receive a lot of LUNA 2.
LFG has 1,847,079,725 UST

150,000,000 / 11,279,012,387 * 1,847,079,725 = 24,564,381.1
LFG will receive 24,564,381 LUNA 2 according to the current airdrop rate.

The community needs to speak up, the LFG wallet must be removed from the LUNA 2 airdrop list.
Cheating should be strictly prohibited!


But their wallet won’t be included, the prop says so

They just removed TFL’s wallet from the airdrop.
They don’t remove LFG .'s wallet


I agree

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The community needs to speak up, this is in the interest of all of us. LFG is not entitled to own LUNA 2 through airdrop !

strongly agreed…

The LFG was created to protect the UST latch. But the new LUNA does not exist UST. Therefore, LFG does not need to receive a new LUNA airdrop.
If releasing new LUNA airdrop to LFG, it increases the possibility of LFG selling new LUNA in the future

It’s unknown of LFG is even using their influence or governance votes outright. They posted they staked across several validators, maybe they are leaving it up to them.
Personally I think it’d be great if everyone could find paths forward without further dilution of anybody’s luna or ust or locking anybody’s funds (because locking funds seems one of the very things DeFi wished to avoid). No idea how LFG’s decides a vote in Terra if they even do since they have various members like Jump Crypto, Delphi Digital, and more. Read a recent article saying some member claimed finding out about Terra 2 and such was from Twitter and had no contact from TFL etc… If true seems likely they do not yet have a course of action, they have been fairly quiet as a group.

There is no comment on whether they will create a new LUNA. But the distribution of new LUNA airdrop to LFG is bad and needs to be stopped!

I need more information for my judgement. More and clear communication from LFG than so far, on public outlets be helpful. Anything dealing with blockchain please provide addresses and txs etc when applicable and explain clearly when/if not applicable. Insights into LFG Terra chain governance role, if any, and how that works among members, if members even have a system, that would be appreciated to know. Governance staking wallet addresses so public knows which validators LFG is staked to. If even still staked. What LFG’s interests and thoughts are regarding current events, thoughts on any proposals forward, any of LFG’s own proposals? Does LFG still wish to continue on of it’s main mission statements defending the UST peg value to 1:1 USD? Is attempting to “right” the original Terra chain a goal or not? How about saving the Terra chain marketplace? Thoughts on allowing it to be a stablecoin market place for multiple types cross-chain? All the infrastructure there it worth tweaking/adapting? Not askin’ much, just everything :wink: Staying in the dark isn’t building trust or much of building of anything LFG like a shrodinger’s box. Need da info. Communicate.

FatMan asked about this https://twitter.com/FatManTerra/status/1528915821921189895

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Do Kwon said “TFL and LFG gets nothing from Terra 2.0 - we’re just trying to make sure the community has a place to keep building”.

There is no LFG wallet address in the airdrop rejection list
The LFG wallet address is: terra1gr0xesnseevzt3h4nxr64sh5gk4dwrwgszx3nw

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