[Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction ๐Ÿ’Š [PART I]

We need to get the validators on our side, maybe someone with some twitter influence that could help us.
they are trying to force this fork on us like we donโ€™t have a voice.


Anyone knows voting time?

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You think you can sell the new luna when the whole world hates you? do kwon


Absolutely this is the better option !!!

I suggest add this to the supplement to this proposal๏ผš

because taxes only absorb fluctuations and do not create more fluctuations

The multi person collaborative casting NFT will create more fluctuations

Gas can also be consumed in the casting process

:joy::joy::joy: no credibility anymore

agree to the options stated here, no fork. just burn. why they arenโ€™t listening to the community?

guess you can force people to sell if there was a way to tax the in wallet stacked coins :S if that is even possible.

Keep voting and spam validators

I dont think that is necessary. When people want to do it they will do it if there is a good reason behind it- may it be trading or other things, heck I dont think it is reasonable to pay 100 dollars in gas fees when you trying to send eth sometimes. But people do it anyways.

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some validators on discord commented. Tax would not work, almost all of the volume is on binance, and very little volume on chain. Iโ€™m coming up with an implementation proposal to address this


Binance can implement tax

There is good volume on Kucoin too, will check the other exchanges too. But on Kucoin the volume is 24 Billion as we speak and it (volume) just reseted a few hours ago because Its a new day where I am.

Validators making up excuses without even communicating with the concerned exchangeโ€ฆwhy would an exchange say no if it brings them more volume rsukting in more money for them as wellโ€ฆ #burnluna

+++ totaly agree

Didnโ€™t BitMart already had a way to implement taxes for SafeMoon? If BitMart can do it, I donโ€™t see why Binance cannot. Letโ€™s take this straight to the man himself (CZ) and try to get response from him so validators can stop making excuses.

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Thing is we cant write on CZ,s twitter comments always, if he doesnโ€™t follow one back and so on you cant write on his comments. So, we need big influencers in the crypto world to write to him. But we can always tag CZ in every matter that concerns #BurnLUNA

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Well as a community, we can plan something out because clearly most of the validators are against us and donโ€™t care about it. KSI is a big influencer that invested in Luna and Iโ€™m sure he would like to see his investment be made whole again so we can start with him.

link his twitter pls