[Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction πŸ’Š [PART I]

But I can still see the proposal here

They just hide it

They hud the proposal u kess you have the link you cant see it…1273 isnt in deposits either

Yep I see the same, how is it possible?

cus u have a link prob.

i dont know. im mad about this s h i t

Proposal needs to be whitelisted

Now we have the answers


@alagiz The proposal is not visible. I see you made the changes with new whitelist mechanism.

Can you whitelist the proposal?

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Yes people were voting on it white list it

edited, they bought ust with it in binance

Pin this topic, this should be the basic of Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 3

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he won’t use any penny to burn even if he got 100k btc. wake up, he is a scammer

doesn’t matter. Most builders have already signalled support for the new chain.

Perhaps, there is a way for both proposals Just like ethereum classic… the old chain will co-exist next to the new one, because there will always be validators that have their preference. I just think that if you still have funds somewhere you should also make sure to get the value on the new chain. It’s a FORK, so that means that you will have your coins copied over (or at least part of it) to the new chain. Just like ethereum holders also had the same balans on the ethereum classic chain.


Really clever proposal, I like it

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i told them to whitelist the proposal.

Hello, can anyone send me his mail address or facebook page in order to help me regarding binance settings, etc? I was using revolut, which was simpler and now trying to figure out how is to use binance app.

Voting page does not work, the founder is not listening to community feedback. He is already forcing approval from validators and devs on twitter to make it look fork idea is popular. We need to organise fast and get a ready-to implement proposal submited to vote. Someone suggested starting a discord channel which could help us to organise in teams working on specific tasks. Imo we should do that immediately. Someone good with discord or tg moderation? Get to work immediately. This community will jump on board straight away.


Yes, we must move quickly and harmoniously, however congratulations guys, you are working seriously and with serious and sensible ideas

no buddy, they have a new mechanism. so we just asked them to whitelist it so everyone can see it again

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I don’t have Luna staked and I can’t stake so I can’t vote. Are you saying that the ones that could vote cannot because their ability to vote is disabled?
If so we really have to revolt, they are silencing the community, we have to take it to social and make our voice heard!

I am with you we should coordinate some action asap

EDIT : ok makes sense, but is such a shit show, we need to fight