[Proposal] Final Distribution

@dokwomm @staff and everyone

Right now, we need to agree on a fair distribution and stop fighting. We the hodlers have made a loss but remember the moment when that loss happened. I personally would have been happy with even 50%.

The point I am making is that we need to make compromise. This way we can put together an united front and push Luna forward.

I found the following proposal on a comment and do believe it could unite all fronts.

Please do have a look:

A fair distribution for the next stage would be:

  • 300M (30%) to Luna holders before the depegging event (last $1 tick before the depeg on Binance should be reasonable), bLuna, LunaX and Luna held in contracts should also be recipients, minus the Terraform Labs account at terra1dp0taj85ruc299rkdvzp4z5pfg6z6swaed74e6. The new chain should be community owned. Preserving decent ownership of the network in its strongest believers and builders is important.
  • 300M (30%) to UST holders pro-rata at the time of the new network upgrade. UST holders need to be made whole as much as possible
  • 300M (30%) to Luna holders at the final moment of the chain halt – last minute marginal luna buyers should be compensated for their role in attempting to provide stability for the network
  • 100M (10%) to the Community Pool to fund future development.

We want more investors to pump the prices and grow the community.


Thank you for bringing this up

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I have some questions:
1 - 300M usd in Bitcoin? Can you be more clear about it?

2 - In regards to the “300M (30%) to UST holders pro-rata at the time of the new network upgrade”, can you explain better why rewards for UST holders are different than from Luna holders?

3 - When is the new network upgrade going to happen precisely?

This second point does not seem fair to me. Since we should refund people who invested in UST and not new comers. It should be 300M to UST holders on the moment of depegging, just as with Luna. Also there is the risk of create a fake demand for UST…

give the amount of luna v2 to the amount of money invested in luna v1
let’s say I transfer 1000 usdt to luna v1 regardless of the time. I have to get 1000 usdt luna v2

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