[Proposal] 😂 Is this the most ridiculous proposal ever? Worlds First Gold Backed Non-correlated Deflationary Asset


Is it a completely ridiculous idea to hear a possible solution to make Luna more valuable than Bitcoin?

We have lost all trust with UST, what we need right now is something completely and other Lee different to transform our project into.

The biggest crypto failure can be crypto‘s greatest success.

It’s very easily obtainable by creating the perfect asset, that’s not only collateralized, but says the hedge fund magic words “non correlated”. This will drive in big institutional money, because we are essentially creating the ultimate asset the fund managers only dream about. Currently crypto trades with the stock market, it trades very much like a tech stock.

We burn Luna and we incorporate a burn tax that not only burns Luna with every transaction but a burn tax that buys a physical asset backed stablecoins like Paxos which stores physical gold in brinks vaults in London with every coin. Paxos is also working with Warren Buffet owned nubank, so there’s obviously a lot of trust there.

We would also incorporate other cryptocurrency‘s like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Avalanche, in addition to other physically backed stablecoins. All of these assets will be stored in a community treasury.

We do all these buys with an algorithm that attempts to lower the beta coefficient (correlation) of the treasury assets to various world stock indexs, like for instance the S&P 500. We also have rebalances of the treasury assets by the same algorithm.

We have an elected DAO to oversee all the treasury assets and first launch this algorithm with a greybox type style where the DAO will need to approve the decisions of the algorithm.

The DAO must have complete authority with the treasury funds.

We would compensate UST and Luna holders as per Do Kwon’s proposal with this new version on Luna

I would like to end this post by stating…

We have people on this forum saying they’re going to commit suic*de and other sick people edging them on.


I lost so much money…the money can come back peoples lives CANT. Let’s all get through this together and make crypto biggest failure turn into crypto‘s greatest success.

I would love to hear your thoughts?