Proposal: Perp x Terra


Perpetual Protocol is a decentralised perpetual futures exchange that recently deployed Curie, their V2 on Optimism. V1 of Perpetual Protocol saw over 40bn in volume traded on a non incentivised basis.

Note: This proposal has been reviewed and discussed on by the TFL BD Team


To provide further context, we have recently published our proposal of what the next version of tokenomics of Perp looks like.

At high level, there are 2 programs that make things interesting:

  1. Liquidity Acquisition is a method for the new market making entity to borrow stables and scale up its borrowings. It is similar to the Curve model where lenders deposit UST and then receive PERP rewards.
  2. Liquidity Mining is a method to incentivise market makers to utilise a specific type of collateral

For Liquidity Mining how it would work is illustrated below:

  1. The UST vault would receive a certain amount of PERP depending on the vePERP gauge
  2. There is then a swap for UST <> PERP
  3. Market makers who deposit and use UST as collateral receive UST rewards

Basically what this means is that UST is able to get utilisation of UST whilst this is effectively paid for by Perp

For further details of the tokenomics proposal please see here: Proposal: Perp V2 Tokenomics - Proposals - Perpetual Protocol



To create demand for UST on Optimism in the most cost effective way possible - subsidised by PERP tokens


We’d propose for TFL to lend 10M UST to the market making entity with the following terms:

  • 12 month loan term
  • 5% interest rate paid up front

The market making entity will then utilise this UST to market make on PERP. By lending to Perp, Perp will then list UST to be able to be used as a collateral which provides another avenue of demand for individuals to hold UST

Additionally, Perp would create a liquidity acquisition vault for UST. Like Curve, individuals can then buy UST and deposit into Perp to receive PERP rewards. This creates a second channel for demand for UST. The following diagram illustrates how this would work:

Token Swap

We’d like to forge a partnership between Perp and UST and propose at a high level a 10M USD value token swap between PERP and UST. This swap is to be done using a 30d TWAP price found using CoinGecko

The reasoning behind this is as follows:

  • An early token swap will allow for TFL to hold PERP which can then be locked up for vePERP and guide emissions to the UST vault on launch. This means there’s no need to slowly build up PERP through rewards
  • PERP plans to utilise the UST by running it through the liquidity mining program mentioned above which will create demand for usage of UST as collateral
  • Additionally, PERP plans to match emissions on a weekly basis that will then be distributed via the gauge (e.g. if there is 300K USD worth of PERP being swapped and distributed across all collateral types, then the DAO will match it with a further 300K USD worth). By owning a large percentage of vePERP, TFL is able to then redirect these additional rewards to market makers who use UST as collateral
  • Finally, PERP rewards for the liquidity acquisition program is dictated by a gauge - by granting TFL the ability to lock up vePERP, there is the ability to make holding and lending UST to the market making entity extremely attractive and profitable, creating a second channel of demand for UST

we like the UST, let’s do this!
who’s the market making entity is - PERP’s proprietary algo, or market makers that you onboard to the platform?

Currently run by foundation team. We are in the process of testing lending out to market makers and are doing this via TrueFi.

Finally, a proposal by a known and used protocol, asking for a loan with interest instead of a handout.

I am glad to see V2 deployed on Optimism and incentivizing UST liquidity on this Layer 2.

How did you arrive at this interest rate below? What comps are you using?

Another question - does UST exist on Perpetual Protocol V1 currently? If so, do you have data on the usage and demand for this asset vs. other stables?

Look forward to learning more about your goals and proposal.

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We used the same numbers where we borrowed from FRAX a couple of weeks ago. Given that the market making entity is not aiming to be profitable (the goal is break even so we can have deeper liquidity) this makes a lot of sense for us

No, V1 is on Gnosis Chain and development stopped about 8-9 months ago

This proposal has been pushed to vote: Terra Station

Funds have been requested to the usual Terra Community Pool UST Goes Interchain multisig: terra1jrhxdtwxrsxw3t2al6t3sga89974juhpccuxct

If this proposal passes funds will be bridged to Optimism and be handled by the Terra Community Pool’s Optimism Gnosis Safe along with the vePERP recieved.

Something something extra OP tokens :eyes: wen using UST on Perp

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