[Proposal] Terra ecosystem revival

The below proposes a (non complete) guide to restore trust in the Terra ecosystem to save current holders, the community and projects built to the Terra ecosystem.

The Terra ecosystem contains millions of dollars worth of software systems providing significant value to the UST and LUNA cryptocurrencies. Leveraging these valuable system can restore trust in UST and LUNA.

The Terra internal team needs to research and outline a funding guide to raise capital.
Ideas for raising capital include:

  1. Each built system on the terra ecosystem has [hopefully] generated capital from functioning on the Terra ecosystem and therefore each system will need to outline how much it can / willing to provide.
  2. Other closely linked institutions.

Once the raised capital exceeds the amount of UST needed to restore peg, halt external trading of UST and use the raised funds to purchase UST in order to bring it back to peg. This UST should then be locked for a chosen time period to help restore trust in the coin.

With the peg restored, Terra will need to ensure it maintains pegged by

  1. Limiting the amount a wallet can hold / transfer. Transactions exceeding this chosen amount will be declined. Users may request for an increase to their wallet transaction limit, by a public governance vote. Allowing for a public available list of wallets and their adjusted limits. This will allow Terra and trusted partners not be restricted while limiting external users to not move the market significantly.

  2. The locked UST from the fund will generate a % yield overtime [anchor], that may be distributed to UST holders/wallets that lost funds during the attack. This will incentivize existing holders to return to the terra ecosystem and restore trust. See this forum for further reading to a potential repayment system.

  3. UST and LUNA will need a system to ensure the imbalance of market cap between the two is managed. This may be done by incentivizing holders of one to convert to the other and by UST % yields / LUNA staking rewards to increase / decrease dynamically.

  4. Adjust the Mint / Burn market maker to ensure UST peg is promptly stabilized back to peg, this will ensure trust is not lost when the peg is not maintained for prolonged periods.

  5. Overtime Terra and the many projects generate a revenue and a percentage should be distributed as collateral and held in a different assets [gold, stocks, stablecoins, other projects, BTC etc]. Having collateral distributed in different assets protects the trust of Terra while certain markets lose value.


Hopefully they can pull something out of their sleeve befor all the exs pull the plug.


Just make sure that there is a safety mechanism of every ust being backed at 95 cent ( ISH) in usdt

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We should make a G-UST backed by physical gold. Something not reliable to crypto,

In case the DEV team can anchor to 1$. perhaps the USER in the ecosystem can increase one and a half times . Because after the attack you can survive it’s a miracle.

How did this contribute to the events? What problem does this solve?

Where does this money come from?

Isn’t the arb system designed to do that already? How does it differ from the current system?

What is the launch snapshot? Is the day they will launch the new token or the day of the fork?

Are you saying that when I want to cash in my G-UST I can go to the Kwon store pick it up? Are you saying LFG will have billions in GOLD ready for anyone when called on? I will be nice and say there is a lot wrong with that line of thinking

i have stake on anchor protocol i have unstake or trasfer my funds to exchange 11may or sell 17 may at 0.1$ per ust can i get the recovery amount?

Instead of using btc…just to protect the peg…