[Proposal] The US Government buys the UST coin and bails out UST/Luna losses

Only half serious here but the US government loves to give away money, bail out banks, send money to Ukraine etc.

They buy the debt from all of us UST / Luna suckers that got cleaned out or took a hair cut.

The devs fork and separate the UST and Luna tokens. Luna continues with it’s ecosystem and can do whatever. UST is now called US Token a stable coin backed by the Treasury. They can charge fees for transactions in and out of UST to get the $ back.

They want to get into crypto so bad so lets let them. They buy our debt. They get an established blockchain technology instead of starting from scratch.

It’s a new dawn for the USA :us: , Terra Luna :full_moon_with_face: and all of us. :saluting_face:


It’s sad u dont seem to understand the situation. The US govn seems to only back USDC as they want 1 fully controllable CBDC, do u think they want other USD alternatives to survive ?


Yeah they’ve used USDC in the past but it’s run by Circle and Coinbase. This way the US government can make $ on every transaction forever. Eventually paying for the debt and actually being profitable for them.

I think Luna/UST infrastucture is a fantastic long term asset. And if some investor was smart, they will buy it at a fraction of the cost now, rather than regretting later, that they missed out. Some other investors will wait to buy at the bottom lowest price.

Investors like Changpeng Zhao of Binance, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Michael Saylor, Bill gates, and even Cathy Wood. UST will plug in with all major technologies, just look at the number of large projects it has been involved in. Some of these investors are seriously considering.

Even Google, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Paypal, will drain billions of dollars in research, and still wont get a product like Terra. Whereas now if any investor buys Terra, they would have made the best investment of their life. Show me one company that has built such an ecosystem within this short time. There are none. Half of the time such projects fail with in R&D labs ( research & development) and never make it to the market. Terra ecosystem has huge, unimaginable potential with built in UST payment system. I heard many companies are considering.

Even though USDT, UDC and other stable coins backed by assets, still UST & Terra ecosystem are years ahead. Investors do not like stable coins that are preying eyes of government.

Small investor are not thinking rationally at this time, and is understandable, they have been burnt badly, money, life, investment destroyed. It takes time for wounds to heal, and eventually they will heal, thats the way nature works.

The problem with Terra leadership is that they dont know how or understand to market their product. They might be technically brilliant (still they badly stuffed up). Especially Do Kwon he says very bad things about his competitors, and that gets a very bad publicity. Ego is bad and it destroyed everything. Probaby he is young and lacks experience and learns the hard way. Why would you do that, and it strike back and destroyed everything, and so many other investors. One has to be humble and respectful towards all. Some people dont learn.

It just needs one investor to create that spark, rest after that will be bidding over one another, like an auction purchase.

Keep a watch in the news, i have heard there is big investor comming. Guess…


I’d guess CZ or Vitalik

Elon is too busy with TWTR

And why do that do that? They rather just continue to support USDC.

They wont. They are anti government and anti regulation and that is why they are in digital currencies. Most big investors want least regulation and controls.

More investor such as Peter Thiel, Sam Bankman-Fried who are considering.

Vitalik is too deep into Etherium.

CZ from Binance is smart, and Binance was the first to open trading of Luna/UST.

Im hearing CZ will make a move, because it fits into his binance business model. Otherwise why would he reopen Luna/UST trading so soon yesterday initself? If CZ wanted he could have fully stopped the trading. But he didnt. Because Binance wants UST to counter against USDC & USDT, and if USDC&USDT have same strategic focus, they can be very powerful for BUSD to dilute. This is bigger game at a very high level.

If CZ Binance is smart which i think he is, he can catapult large volumes of business in Asia where not everone wants USDC&USDT, especially during recent war when Assets were frozen in US$. Investors in Asia, Middleast are worried and want a stable coin that cannot be frozen. And UST is perfect and decentralised for those markets.

Elon is 50/50 because he made a big investment in Twitter, his money is stuck there. Had the crash happened before him taking Twitter, he would have definitely been a strong contender, and ahead of CZ. He needs to get his mind out of dogecoin first though.

Do you guys know Luna is trading above 300% and UST above 1500%. And Anchor above 200%. I have never seen any stock rebound at this high rate in couple of days. Look at the large volumes.

It has been just 3 days, from the crash.

Sit tight and relax :slight_smile:

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Buying at a fraction if the cost now, may not be a smart idea with the fork planned. There will only be 10% distributed to post-fail (they call post-attack) holders. I hope that the chain creators aren’t taking a second cut out of the minting process, that would be wrong & likely a setup for this scenario.