Proposal to Do kwon and the community

How about we donate $1 across the world to support the burn :fire: Of LUNA . We as the community we want to contribute/help because we believe in the Terra LUNA

$1 donation plan to support the burn :fire: of terra LUNA

$1 × 15 million people
= $15 million

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15 million won’t save us!
There is no way to save luna what it has become now.
My question is if forking is the only solution then why not go with fair distribution.
People who bought during 8 to 12 may literally getting anything.
If you are distributing distribute fairly or don’t distribute at all.
Make it fair and take two/three snapshot.

If you take snapshot at the last halt you will find out who held luna during this mess.
People who sold during this still getting compensated while people bought during 8 to 12 may ain’t getting nothing.

My solution is

Take snapshot at 7th may as proposed and compensated the holders.
Take snapshot before the last halt and compensate because the people who sold during that time getting compensated for selling but people who bought is not getting anything.
Last one should be at 27th May as proposed so whoever bought and buying now still getting compensated as they bought and buying to support.

People bought during 8 to 12 may at high cost and supply was still low.

Why we are being left out in the last proposal when do kwon himself credited us and want to give us in the first proposal.
Make it fair for everyone