[Proposal] Too many noises, better focus on create more values

The more I read of these proposals, the more I feel lack of directions among all suggestions

Below is a few points that need to be solved

  1. The cake must be bigger, the only way to make the cake bigger is make Luna market valuation to 25 billions, from 2.5 billions now

  2. The community can compensate UST holders when there is additional 22.5 billions value being created

  3. Mint more Luna will not create more value, it create more coins with the lesser or same total value

  4. Confidence and credibility are the biggest assets for Terra community, once you lost it, you must re-gain it back

  5. Create new coin or new chain will not solved the issues

  6. Leaders must sacrifice and act as examples, so Do Kwan and/or GS390, what have u done to help others? Please buy up $100m Luna and burn them off as a start

  7. Stop thinking of how to take advantage of others, start rebuild the community and the system now

  8. When Terra community increase the value to others, First Luna and later UST (pegging wont work and wont last, please hire a team of economists to advice and help you) will make a come back


Hi, fork is bad idea. Need replan.if not team will get sue from both before and after fork parties. Stay focus to solve current chain.

1st. all minted alt token include ust burn mint luna(with fixed rate)
2nd. Ppl who still wan be a active validator buy coin at market to maintain validator right. (New validator will show up)
3rd. Consolidate luna 1000:1(price up after consolidation)
4th. Team and validator or new interested investor together firm up the market price
5th. After luna price stable. Reconsider new algorithms for whole luna ecosystem by new firm up luna communities

It need a softer way to land.if not whole plane will turn into many pieces.

We need White warrior,not black warrior.