Re-Enable USTC algorithm as Pegg to current level


We propose to re-enable algorithm to Pegg at current price level (0.035$) and increase 20% every year until the Pegg level reach 1.0$. Let anchor and whale work and generate profit for buy back USDT result huge LUNC burn.


The community need move on, it is waste time to wait. Stable coin is not mean value but mean stable to the level. We thing to re-pegg USTC to 1$ need to have approach curve. It could be exponential, s-curve or strength line. In the case we propose to apply straight line as easy to new come investee on the time.

To conservative approach curve could be small slope give big opportunity for new coming.

Look back during de-pegg period from USTC Pegg to 1$ until it Pegg to 0.003$. The mint rate of LUNC is from 0.01 LUNC per 1 USTC reach 4000 LUNC per 1USTC. If we re-pegg with pumping method is not reverse the algorithm process

We propose to continuously Pegg with a propose curve level the algorithm could reverse processed and bring back to USTC 1$. It may take 20 years but up to community at the time.

This could bring back community confident and crypto world.


I propose to re-pegg USTC at current level 1USDT = 0.035$ and increase the level every day on rate 20% per year untill the level reach 1.00$, let anchor and whale work to generate profit to buy back huge LUNC for burn


This proposal is talking about the process to re-pegg.

  1. we need find the equilibrium of USTC and LUNC in this market situation, where is LUNC level when Pegg USTC at the level.

  2. we have to measure the fund in/out to the system from the stable growth of USTC. If algorithm work well the stable growth would be confirmed, we will see what is a fund flow in would be. 1USTC flow in could equivalent to 350 LUNC. Mean 1$ flow in will burn 10000 LUNC.

  3. we have to confirm that the algorithm we have work well.

In the case fund flow in 1b$ it can burn 10000bLUNC, we are not sure where are the supply would be or how LUNC to react on the market.

Just hope that the algorithm is a real thing in virtual up trend of USTC on re-pegg curve.

How do you enable an algo that caused the crash before it is fixed?? this proposal is misguided and should be deleted or rejected.


stable agro is proved that it work well during fund flow in but it create strong resistance on top.

Pegg on level curve is different, as it provide up side growth. This always create fund flow in, it has bigger future value. Create big risk to short market.

Pegg or not Pegg USTC and LUNC have it own current market price why is not move on. Nothing to lost.

And let it take what?? 19 years to repeg?


Start with a conservative, we do that, then market can tell what is the actual parameter should. Finally we will have a true re-pegg curve.

The true curve may be parabolas or exponential it depend to market respond.

In the case fund in so fast then we can adjust the re-pegg curve more speed.

It is a re-pegg method for algorithm.

We think de-pegg is not the opportunity of whale but the market as well. Market need some time.

It’s better to do something than nothing. I think it’s good idea.
We may change increasing rate in the future.

While yes i do believe something is better than nothing. But even with a CAGR of 20 P.A. It’ll take more than a decade.

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Pegging approach curve may look like s-curve, slow at begin then fast move and end with slow to reach 1$ target.

Adjusting should be parameters proposal on the way, community will do as follow the remain LUNC and reserve.

We must make sure that de-pegg would not happen again or even happen the new re-pegg method could handle it without damage

So let move on, see result and then alignment.

I think community need reserve to cover total USTC, or about 10b$ that we hope to get profit from LUNC burn on the way before re-pegg USTC to 1.0$.

This may be not true, but it is possible.

@FatMan and others should see this post.

We would like to convince, Pegg USCT to market price has no down side risk.

Market cap = total reserve + premium.

If the algorithm of up side make profit, the profit will increase reserve mean to have gap to grow the Pegg level

Profit in depend on inflow.

We put this proposal on vote @4155 please support it.

We can be. Hybrid algorithm that have 100% of reserve and wip down side risk.

+1. Algorithmic stablecoins go into Death Spirals. UST did it in front of us. USTC will do it again if no changes are made.

The market has successful asset-backed stablecoins (like USDC) - what demand is there for USTC? Nobody even wanted UST… they just wanted the 20% interest from Anchor and dealing with UST/LUNA was just a way to get it … and you only touched those coins for as long as it took to swap to the coins you really wanted.


We are pioneer just like starship, it search landing process, we search re-pegg method. It is not matter how many fails but end up with success is want.

Algorithm stable coin is a great idea in the crypto frontier. We must dare to restart it on real market with no risk and research the right algorithm for it.

2 things of algorithm fix, will be propose but could not do with out data.

1/re-pegg curve.
I think when de-pegg happen need not re-pegg with whale alone but let it do buy market also so need time.
2/over Pegg level.
I think over Pegg level can burn LUNC
3/maintenance reserve.
I think when reserve quality drop under the USTC market Capital we need to drop Pegg level and maintenance the reserve burn LUNC on curve.

Keep reserve over tot USTC market Capital.

These make me come to participate

I would like Terra is different from other crypto.

No more sell asset to buy back UDTC, but maintenance asset or reserve to over the USTC market cap. Allow it de-pegg to asset level. And re-pegg on re-pegg curve again.

I see Terra will have Trillion $ market cap. Only just fix this. And this will be not possible if LUNC burn bring back LUNC token below some billions. As people must have confident of long period working of algorithm.

What is a re-pegg curve, what is a asset maintenance, curve cannot be calculate without data.

Dear Do Kwon @stablecoin

I want to convince you with this sentence, and believe that best on your IQ, you get it.

The algorithm should use asset as middle like Learning Intelligence. Not direct buy and sell direct into USTC, but buy and sell indirect to the middle asset. We just do not touch the asset no one could attack the USTC with asset still cover.

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The peg is 1 USD, and the algorithm has several flaws to be enabled.
It would just cause a new hyper inflation on LUNC as you will be minting again, and that is the main issue in the algorithm of “PEG”.
There is no PEG from nothing.

The proposal is re-pegg USTC with today market price mean to fix algorithm and increase the Pegg level 20% yearly. Give the community to inflow some money for 20% and also stake on anchor for 16% addition. High risk high return. I demand to also investing some for 20 years for millionaire.

Pegg to market price mean to no risk, new fund come to increase the higher asset to approach the Pegg price level.

Buy anchor it give a fund for whale method bring profit add in the asset result asset growth.

The asset also can invest into Bitcoin, eth or ECT and can growth.

If big asset growth, Pegg level can jump and ran on slope 20% yearly on new line.

Inflow fund also create LUNC bull momentum that could create more millionaire.

Asset growth also create from LUNC burn fee.

It is only keep, the asset value over the market capital, no one could attack the USTC.

if it de-pegg to lower than asset, whale can run buy for wrong price and wait market buy it.

Let who more sell who more lost process do itself.

We do not touch the asset in any condition, just always add it in one way.

Probably the proposal I offer to vote will end today and no hope to push the idea to community.

Thank you.