Real Solutions: Get Money Back from Attackers

Terra just got nuked by TradFi like the US bombed Iraq for switching oil trade to Euros and Libya for switching oil trade to gold. Anybody that challenges the central bankers global monopoly on money will come under attack.

Who else has access to:

  • Billions of dollars of capital to attack a crypto currency?
  • Big Tech to create spam accounts and attack a cryptocurrency?
  • Being KYCed and allowed to violate Binance and Gemini’s Terms of Service against Market Manipulation without having accounts frozen or suspended per their own policies?

If the Lunatics are going to allow the attackers to walk off scot free and pin all the blame on Do Kwon and Terra, then good luck.

The attackers, whether TradFi, govt, or intelligence, just made off with your money. It is they you should be outraged at as they will attack any project or nation, regardless of how “well it is built” that challenges their global monopoly on the control of money. Isn’t that why BTC was (supposedly) created after all?