Rebuying UST with 1B worth of BTC without fixing the algo is like directly burning 1B worth of BTC

Luna holders are to decide if they want to trash the 1B fund as CZ irresponsibly suggest.

A collateral fund is not there to rebuy a chain with a bug. You are planning to sell the BTC Dip. Buy! Make the fund stronger as a reserve for ust2. The chain as it is, turned worthless.

A fork is necessary

New Coin must have the LFG fund as a collateral. Buying and not selling the Dips!! On the market tops, borrow dollars as a collateral and use them to buy more BTC on the dips. As a regular investment fund would. You could use the fear and greed index through an oracle, directly on chain.

Lunatics please Don’t sell your BTC to buy an unfixed and worthless UST


We very much agree. Please see this proposal. The Robinhood algorithm is broken. It needs to be removed and replaced with a tried and true system. The network can stay the same and with some minor mechanics changed.

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Which billion? Didn’t get the news? They only have 300 BTC

This is such a tragedy. But the same applies for the remaining 313 BTC. A hard fork is needed.

too bad they already sold those billions for ust, at a much higher ust price than what ust is trading now