[Proposal] Terra team buys back USTC and makes it repeg

Given the current low price of $ustc, the Terra team can deploy money from all possible sources including Luna 2.0 community pool or addional investors to buy back $usdc and make it repeg to $1 starting May 28.

The repeg of $usdt will make all ust holders whole and all the problems go away. More important, the Terra team restores its reputation and make a history comeback.

When the plan is announced, the price of $ustc will rise. Whenever there is a dip, the terra team buy the dip.


  1. Allocate fund from Luna 2.0 fund and investors to buy ustc over a 3-6 month period.

  2. After 80% of the ustc in circulation is bought back, the team can declare the repeg of ustc to $1.

  3. For every ustc issuance, the community pool must have $1 fiat in a traditional bank to back it.


Thank you for the support.

Even tho there will be lunc and luna, there is only ONE terra community.

We should work together to make sure all of the three coins live well and better.:facepunch::facepunch:


Yes, I feel now it is easy for them to buy USTC cheap and get collected in the wallet and allowing staking of it so that company carries 80% percent of supply then they can easily peg it to 1 USD, Creating proposal on something like this will help.


this is out of the question, the essence of the project is to develop the currency of the future, and not to enrich those who bought ust for 2 cents


if that’s the case, why ust holders are waiting for compensation?


if the team has a plan like this, they will do it quietly. because once they announce it, everyone will rush to buy and push up the price. it will become very expensive to carry out.


I am baffeled by the outcome of

[Proposal] Burn The Remaining UST in the Community Pool + Cross-Chain Liquidity Incentive UST 2

they buurnt the coin as they said and its not in community pool
but it din reach the Said address
they probably stole it
you know how can i make a new proposal or post


We are all compensated by the new moon, and the debts remain with freebie lovers

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It is a valid argument. But they can buy slowly and the price will never hit above $1. If the traders pumped to make it repeg, that would be perfect. But anyway the Terra team can always buy the dips and take the time without pressure.


The stablecoin algorithm is de*d broke. Now we knows all of its vulnerabilty and poor design.
Nonsense any repeg recovery it will happen again


USTC belongs to the terra team??

i think so

to be able to make UST (USTC) repeg to $1, it needs to be backed by assets worth $1. In that case, the Terra team would need to raise probably shit tonnes of capital to back the UST… unless they buy back the entire supply, alter the total UST supply and back them with assets… say only have $1billion of UST supply backed by $1 billion worth of assets.

I doubt they could raise $18 billion to back the $18billion UST supply 1 for 1…


Yes. That’s why it is good to buy now when the price is so low

with the price of luna on bybit if you do airdrop2 for those who buy ustc!! it would stabilize the network very easily!! I would really like lunc at a considerable price because I entered at 10$ but I only have 23000 lunc that won’t solve my losses if ustc and lunc don’t stabilize

With the price on LUNA’s bybit, if you do airdrop2 with % of Luna for those who buy ustc, it would stabilize Lunc’s marketing and ustc!! Could you open this vote I bet it would be approved?


Yeah, this proposal would need the team to find $10 billion USD or more under the seat cushions. You make the market believe a coin is worth $1 by placing buy orders for it at $1… and keep doing so for everyone who wants to sell to you. Terra doesn’t have that type of cash laying around.


Yes the terra team can just set the expectation that they are buying back and will make it repeg. The market will react to fire up people’sconfience. Even though there may be fluctuations, the terra team doesn’t need to worry and keep buying back as the fund allows.

A melhor coisa era a queima deixou baleias presas muito a cima!! Eles vao manipular até acabar com a V2 eu estou preso com todo meu captal em 10 doll 23000 lunas que sao lunc agora!!! A Luna v2 esta a derreter!! Se tivéssemos feito um planejamento de recuperação pra lunc com nfts algumas coisas mais ao longo praso teria sido mais bonito!!

now the cost of buying is only $300MM


Where will they take the liquidity for everyone who wants to sell?

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