Rename Terra Classic

Terra Classic name should be renamed.

The word classic is representing abandoned, old or something our of use.

I would suggest ORIGINAL LUNA. Give your suggestions below. Let’s choose most like one


Original Luna: Sounds great


Luna classic:Luna
Luna 2.0:Lunew
That’s better lmao


The real name of Luna Classic is Luna. This globally recognized brand name was stolen by DK. Just like identity theft in real life.
At the moment, there is nothing you can do about it. But the good news is that LUNA 2.0 will di.e eventually, as there is no trust with any project lead by DK. Like CZ famously pointed out that fork doesn’t create any value. Same goes for trust. Trust is everything in the free market. As the leader of any project. one simply does not get to fail a project miserably and start a new one right away with the same name and pretend that is any sort of solution. It is not. It was at best a pathetic attempt to escape responsibilities. Whales and institutions are not that stupid. They got fooled by DK once already, and that’s more than enough, no sane person is going to risk their money again for a potential LUNA 3.0.
Sonner or later. Perhaps sooner than most expected. The price of LUNC will surpass LUNA 2.0 by a huge margin. When that happens, none of this re-naming / re-branding drama matters. In the future when people talk about Terra Luna, it is going to be about LUNC by default. Luna 2.0 and / or Luna 3.0 can stay in the ditch with DK for happily ever after.


Original Terra must stay LUNA.

Next versions… - lun2, lun3 etc.


I am not sure this is really needed or good idea. Just make sure people see, even this community crashed we are strong to rebuild everything from ash.

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may be to 9.0、20.0….infinity

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We should step away from the name Terra and Luna totally. There has been too much negativity around it.

Any other new name would fit. Also for the USTC, a new name together with a new algoritm to start repegging it again. See my proposal for that.

In my opinion, it is not a good idea to rename. The value of LUNC is it’s story. It’s the underdog now and the people’s currency. The best bet is to keep the storyline as simple as possible. A) Do Kwon r*gged everyone and we are going to stick it to him and all the haters by becoming the peoples grassroots currency B) We are the original…so if there is a name change at all go for LUNAOG. But to be honest I think LUNC is still better because it keeps the storyline clear and simple and reminds everyone why we are here still…