Repair LUNC and USTC

Whether it is the official development team, major exchanges, or various website platforms, they all describe LUNC and USTC as interrelated. If an individual or group tries to separate them and define them as virtual coins of other nature, doing so will make the coins Change to another type of asset, not only without credit, but also illegal, people will not support virtual currency without credit.Now I personally suggest to repair the arbitrage mechanism and limit the maximum arbitrage profit to 5%, specifically: when 1USTC>1$, the LUNC burning mode is turned on, that is, when 1USTC=2$, it takes 1.95 US dollars to exchange LUNC for 1USTC, which can earn 0.05 USD, 3.9 USD LUNC is exchanged for 2USTC, and you can earn 0.1 USD; when 1USTC<1$, the USTC burning mode is turned on, when 1USTC=0.1$, it takes 9.5USTC to exchange 1 USD LUNC, earn 0.05 USD, 19USTC can be exchanged 2 US dollars LUNC, earn 0.1 US dollars. Modify the arbitrage mechanism, but do not change the nature of the currency, USTC is still a stable currency, welcome to correct anything wrong.

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I request tera team to introduce 1.2% tax as soon as it is beneficial for those investing in crypto and they invest in crypto and remember 1.2% tax is levied then tera team has no loss and investor will benefit And the interest of the people will also increase and in memory the rate of Lunc will not increase, the entire market will be down.


@Youayewelcome I see you have already created many topics with USTC and LUNC stabilization mechanism proposals. Could you add some data of tests? Tests should provide us evidence why this should be implemented. If you dont it´s useless sorry.
Since 1,2 % tax burn has already passed it will be implemented to the code soon. To change this you can create proposal and change it. (after new validator could be created)


I think the profit of 5% is a little small. Can you set an arbitrage of 10%? I think your strategy is very good. I support it.

Supply of 10B is a ultimate target which is very simple to know. Not rudely thinking about that it’s worthless until it reache. Taxes & burn solve supply and demand causing raise prices up. Someone always want 1ustc=1usd to be realized immediately, even anchored, more than $10 billion funds to spend,where from ?

@Youayewelcome Hey i didn´t care about possibility to reach 10 B. Many things could change douring time. And 1 wallet with equal or more 10 B LUNC is not only problem. But it passed so respect it. I am not here to make any tests for you. And also i don´t think somebody will make them for you. Try do yourself and read about it. I dont know what you can do and what you know, where you work and also why this is the right proposal for LUNC. Please explain in tests. I am not here to argue. If yours proposals are good explain to community. Dont hate me.

@Youayewelcome Okey. This is waste of my time. Just continue if you wanna.