Repeg lunc to ustc


Its time to repeg and fly to moon


Its long time since lunc price is very low from all time high so lets vote for repeg on urgent basis…


Any one of terra lover without fees have to repeg to ustc with lunc and when its in dollars then take out some with barrier …

now tell me… how you want to do it?

With one cut - replacement - 1000 USTC = > 1 CUST
and hedging in the kernel = redemption mechanism at high market volatility, operating like a typical whale with a separate portfolio controlled by bott dApp L2 software
Only the program that implements the startegies and the main programmer with keys operating on asset pairs:
I make money this way every day/it’s easy + LUNC/USTC but She’s almost gone, thanks to her community…
Convert to one stablecoin LUNC/CUST = 1USDT and that’s enough for now.

This algorithm without stablecoin will not survive no one wants to understand it!