[REQUIRED FROM LFG] Post mortem explanatory from LFG

The Luna, aka Luna Classic project was a major fail. A death spiral caused it to end in 72h. DK and the Terra community has a plan to create a v2. Thats cool, but:

We need a post mortem explanation. We need a thorough statement of what happened from the founders of Terra. You CANT just move on without a deep analysis of what failed. Thats not how the business is done.
If you do, that implicates you are just looking for a cash grab, but no brainwork has been actually done to ensure your new project is better. Thats a huge red flag.

Therefore, I believe if LFG actually respects its community(which is currently kinda hard to prove) we all NEED a deep explanation of what happened by DKwon and the LFG.
Thats the only proper way forward. Unless, of course, its just a quick cash grab.